Dear, Lord

Dear Lord,

First of all Thank You for a wonderful day. The holiday rush to buy the best gifts for Christmas can really take a toll on me as a cashier. But for that point, Im going to say all cashiers. lol  I do my best to be courtest, and to smile with my customers, but sometimes I fall short. I don’t know why Im so hard on myself in this area. Sometimes I feel that you give me enough strength to smile and laugh with them at all times. Im learning that its okay if I have down times, Im very friendly and do my best to create a great shopping experience for the customer. Lord, sometimes they invade your space and downtime. I just don’t know how to react to people who disrespect my space. If they see me eating in the snack bar, or see me walking and talking on my cell phone, why is it so important that they get their question out to ME anyway? This bothers me to no end. I wish that I knew how to talk to them without letting them know in so many words that Im off the clock, and not to BOTHER ME AT ALL. My facial expressions can/will cure cancer it’s just like that!!! Well, you know. lol I want to be nice and pleasant all the time. I really battle with this at work, people seem to know what button to push. My coworkers are the best, we motive and pray for another. I love that about them.

Tyler Perry play is coming to Detroit @ The Fox in May and I really want to have the best seats in the house. I want to meet Tyler when he comes, thats another thing on my mind. God I know things work according to your will. But you know how bad I want to meet him. You know, and he knows * im sure*. Please let it be this time coming up. He is so funny and so sweet. We are going to have a ball I know. Will I become nervous…….. probably but its all good. I plan to go to at least 2 shows. My gurl Angel and I are going together. Then again with my sisters, daughter, mom and friends. I may do a solo. I love solo’s. Im excited that he’s thought about touring, I really didnt think that he would be out on the road again. He is going to make  a killing at the box office. Im so happy for him. Tyler if youre reading this message, lets meet in May!

Im excited about C&VS Corporation!!! My good friend Val and her husband Cary are in the early stages of opening a Temporary Homeless Shelter for women with 2 children, she has to be between the ages of  22-? oops gotta find out the age limit again. Im so excited for them. Today she came buy to pick up all my bottles for the bottle drive. Also I gave her a donation, but there is more to come!!! She went to school all those years on her way to a Masters Degree and never knew this is where she was going. Look at God. I can wait to help her, this is right up my alley. All day I see people who have money, and who think they are so bigger than the next person, but here are these people who are homeless and need special attention. Ill share more later.

Good Night


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