Feeding the Homeless for Thanksgiving

Wow, what can I say? This year’s Cree’s Feeding the Homeless for Thanksgiving went so well. It was an amazing day for all of us. We fed 50 people this Thanksgiving and next year its going to be even bigger. So many of my family and friends got involved, they donated food, money, time and their support for my second annual. I can even explain the looks on their faces when we arrived. It get dark here in Detroit about 5ish and we had just missed the day light. They were so happy that we thought of them, and they were so Thankful and grateful. I wish that we had more to give that day, but Im going to take one year at a time.  We drove around downtown Detroit, and it wasnt hard at all to find 50 people. The homeless shelters are over crowded and people were sleeping on the streets. They had lots to eat, drink, and munch on when we were done with them. I wanted to take photos, but it was not the right time to do that. The atmosphere wasnt right at all. I would love to do this at least 2 times a month.

This is my dream to this for them. I have had this on my heart for so many years. People think Im crazy when I say I want  to sleep outside for a night with them, to listen to their stories and testimonies of their life. I rather be around then any day than to deal with the people who have money that come through my line. These homeless people appreciate things, they are grateful. If people can look into my heart and into my mind they would understand why  feel the way I do. Feeding the homeless, working with the young gurls/kids/ and assisting the seniors this IS MY LIFE. I do want to do anything else!!! I love to travel, and fly, and spend time with my self, daughter, friends, family. This is who I am in this life. Helping people. I live good, I eat good, I have money to go shopping and buy nic nacks, my home is nice, I am truly blessed. Im not complete unless Im helping someone else. Giving is the best thing you could ever do. I use to be selfish and people would tell me this all the time. I hated to hear this, but I felt that if I keep giving then I want have anything. That is sooooooooooooooooo not true. I have more, and more to share.

This Christmas, I’m feeding the seniors at my dad’s Senior building. I told him to gather at least 10 people, and Im bringing them all a plate of GOOD FOOD!!!

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