God will show you who you are in certain situations.

Today I was having a hard time trying to figure out how people say what kind of Faith the have, but still they treat themselves like dirt on the bottom of a shoe. I just wish that WE cause time to time we all go through that Faith thingy, could just let God do his work , because he lets us do ours. I find myself always trying to fix things, and help people, when they don’t even want  help themselves. God has stopped me from helping others just so that I can see what they can do on their own, and it has shown me to see how none to little Faith looks. I feel like crying, cause the way some of these people say Faith goes……..I hope I never see it that way. People put God in a box and limit him. They expect for him to stay in that box while they * fix* things for themselves. I know, I use to do it too. I still now and then get caught up in *Lacrease* and lose my way……. but when he calms me down, I see the picture so clear.

God has shown me sooooooooo much this weekend, I cried everyday too. When you see God, you see yourself. God will show you who you are in certain situations. I just have to learn to dust myself off, and not be to connected with people to the point where it affects me mentally toooooo long. God you’re the best. I promise.

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