Catching up


 Where do I start?  This entry will probably be all over the place because of all the things that’s going on inside my head. LOL But try to keep up with me as I go in and out of my life. First of all I have to Thank God for blessing me so much that when I think about everything it, I get overwhelmed……. In a good way. I just wish that everyone knew him, and spend time with him. There are so many things that people go through for nothing…….free. I hear so many people saying how much Faith they have, but at the first chance at proving to themselves….. they throw it all in and declare the loser * the winner*. Getting off that, I just want to say Thank you God for all that you’ve done for me. Thank you for loving me and laughing with me, and for the voice that I hear when you speak to me. Thank you.

Last weekend me and Neisha rented a room so that when the Piston played against the Orlando Magic we can stay the night there and not deal with traffic. We had a good time. We went shopping @ Great Lake Crossing, ate dinner and breakfast @ O Malley’s. We love that place, so peaceful, it’s located inside of the hotel. Did I mention that we had seats so close that it wasnt funny…..we sat 2nd row from the floor near the Detroit Pistons side.There was so much excitement going on during the commercial breaks, seem like the game was over in 12 minutes. Me and Neisha had fun watching Patrick Ewing and Dwight Howard all night * inside*. Wow is all I gotta say. WOW WEEEEE! I rented a car and after 4 days it was time to turn it in and report to work after 5 days. I sure wish that I * had it like that*, I would take a mini vacation once a month for 3 -5 days. The part I hate about going back to work is dealing with those customers who are having a bad day and want yours to end up that way too. But anyway…….. thats a different story.

I have a lot of things planned this year. There was a time when I would ask people to do this, and do that, and they would be like noooo, I don’t have the money, or I can’t do this for this reason, or let’s do it another time. Now, I will rent me a car, hotel room and do my thang. Please I’m not waiting on NOBODY this year. I’m almost 43 and I’m not babysitting folks, not begging them, not hoping they would do this or that, it’s up to them……. im doing LaCrease.  I’ve wanted to move to Atlanta since Neisha was about 6-7 years old. Now she’s 23. I think about it everyday.

Then in May I’m taking my mom, Neisha and my 2 nieces Brittney and Ganell to Atlanta. My mom is really excited about going. She’s never been!! She wants to see all I talk about daily. We are going June 24-28. CAnt wait to hit Gladys Knight and Ron Winans restaurant after the play. and with my mom. Were going to visit the Georgia Aquarium, The World of Coke. Excited!!!

I donated $50.00 to Haiti!!! Yep, Im posting this so that someone else can be inspired. Also me and a friend is asking for donations for the Homeless for Valentines Day. WE have towels, socks, hats, soap, tooth paste, deodorant,hand sanitizer, and my boss is making them some brownies!!!! Friends has really stepped up to the plate to donate at this time…. Im just so excited about it. Thanks to all !

I went to the movies today after work to see John Travolta………….. DAYUM HE’S FIONE WITH THAT GOTEE!!! I PROMISED IWATCHED HIM ALL THROUGH IT. LOL Let me stop!!

Well……. Im closing still got lots to talk about…… later…… but I’s getting sleepy. So GOOD NIGHT!

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