Aint gonna believe this one!

Praise God for another day!!! Yeaaa!


I really enjoyed the chats I had with several customers today. My first customer of the day was this black gurl. She walked up to my register and said “What are you praying for today”? I was like I’m sorry maam, I didn’t hear you.  She said what are you praying for today? I dunno what made her ask me that. I said I’m praying that God would bless me with  a 2010 Towne and Country Van ♥, so next year when my gurls need a ride to my house for our gurls group meeting, it would be enough room for all those who need a ride. I pretty much forgot where our conversation went after that, because it shocked me, LOL that it  came out of no where.  She was  real cool too.

Last week when I was called to the office for my evaluation. My bosses, boss, ask me why havent I advanced in the company and was I interested in doing so. She wanted to know my answer so badly, thinking back on it. Hahaha. I tried to put it as best as I could without making anyone feel bad about what THEY LIKE . I said to her, I said don’t get me wrong, I love this job and the customers,  I LOVE my coworkers we ALL get along, we don’t get called to the office for gossip or anything catty. But I said……I’m just passing through. This is not the kinda job that I want to be doing. I told her that I enjoy working with the youth along with a few more other things. I said, the positions in this company is not where I see myself. Thinking back on it, I can kinda see her face as if I think I’m better than the others.  On my sheet, it said that I didn’t Communicate enough… *blank stare* Wow, that was really big to me. I feel I Communicate too much.LOL Heck, if I say another word, I’ll probaly be outta there. LOL!! But when I shut down, I shut down. And maybe I have done that, because sometimes when you talk about serious issues that need to be addressed and  “they” say well thats the companies policy, is like you can never get anything resolved. So, when they said that, I just do my job and go home to my happy life!!! ♥

Today…… my bosses, boss *same lady* ( I LOVE HER TOO, SHE IS SO SWEET) she came to me, she said Crease baby, do you know service desk? I said, No I sure don’t. And before I go into  the conversation about that, let me say this. I was training for customer service some years back, and every time they would send me up there, they were like we need you back to your register , it’s getting crowed. Then they would say, naw learn it another day. So after so many days of trying to learn it without forgetting because I wasnt up there enough. We were like well, just forget it for now, because I’m not over there enough to learn it.  


At this time, they are cleaning house. Asst Managers JUST got fired, they have a whole new crew. LOL They are firing people for attendance and customer service left and right, and they’re not hiring people to fill those positions. So now what? They have to pull cashiers and send them to the service desk which makes us short. Okay, that’s fine with me too. I’m straight. I don’t care if they close the building down for repairs. Im not conformed to this WORLD!!  So today it was like she was ready to challenge everything I said. *hehehe* She said why don’t you want to learn service desk I said when I tried to learn it, they wouldn’t keep me up there long enough to learn it. I said but my biggest issue is this. I said, you know and I know that working at the service desk is more money. I said people are getting fired left and right when they make any kinda mistake, no chances, out the door~!!! I said I have watched the managers send UNEXPERIENCED cashiers to “fill in” because there is not enough people, and when a customer says…. “she was mean to me”. That cashier IS FIRED from a position that’s not even hers!!! She was being nice to go over there. Then she said well Lacrease you’re a good worker, you wouldn’t have that problem. I said I may be, but its proven too many cashiers are getting fired for a lack of knowledge. That service desk is nothing to play with. I kept telling her, I have to want to go over there, that is a position where you are “asked” to go to, we don’t have to do it. Because they know it’s a difference in pay rate. Its like she couldnt understand that.


 This is my thing. They’re real quick to say “we want to clean up the store” or this manager is “by the book”. OKAY COOL that’s fine. Be by “the book”. Quit playing! Stop asking these gurls to go to a higher paying position and not pay them.Thats not “by the book” management. The rule is, if you are at the service desk more than 2 days, you are supposed to get paid for that position. See, this is what I try to tell people.  First of all, stop running up behind these managers trying to be their friends!! Stop that mess! Stop trying to learn the gossip. Who cares! Do your work, because YOU will be the first to go! I’ve seen it too many times. Because when its time for BUSINESS, ITS TIME FOR BUSINESS!. Doing real Business is saying look, here’s what’s in the handbook, THIS IS NOT.


 Some want to argue about a job they don’t want to do, but SUPPOSE to do, but here is a higher paid position job THEY DONT HAVE TO DO, but do it anyway,……. and NOT get paid for it. Thats retarded to me.  Then they look at me like Lacrease, what you’re thinking about…..YOU DONT PLAY!!! I said NOTHING!! I don’t have not one word to say, quit trying to pick my head on the subject cause it “aint gon happen”. My face will continue to be blank. They always want to know what Lacrease has to say, what Lacrease think, whats on Lacrease mind? How is Lacrease looking at it, is she mad, is she okay? I dont have anything to say about these “man made everyday on the spot changing rules”. Stop asking and quit looking at my face.


I do my work! When they ask me to do this or do that. I do it no problem. Gladly to do it. I’m just a person who do what I’m told and I wont complain, I just do it. Then somebody said. …..well… Lacrease you never do anything bad. I said UMMMMMM don’t put me in a box like I don’t do no wrong around here. But when it comes to Business let’s do business.


I guess what really got me fired up was I found out today about this investigation based around the same  kinda stuff. A incident that happened last Sat. Another cashier was asked to go to the “Service desk” because they “needed help” after firing folks and NOT replacing them. I had worked, punched out, and was at the register getting rung up, when I hear this man in a wheel chair NUTTINNNNNNNNNNNNG UP, on a cashier * I call her my daughter*. Just CLOWNING her. Everybody looked like dang where is that noise coming from? We all looked over at the service desk, and it was this man  ACTING A FOOL *It was only 2 customer services girls working, but none of their mouths were moving, so we were like dang, LOL who is he mad at? Then this lady who was standing in front of the desk…….. started NUTTING UP on her too. I mean they were going off walking out the door, cursing her out. All that time my coworker never said a word. I was right there. I saw it all. So, these doe doe birds* the customers* who WERE TOGETHER, got home and call the store manager * who was on vacation*. They made such a big deal over the matter, the Assistant Managers had to then called the District Managers, because they want HER FIRED!! They came out and  reviewed the tape and saw that my coworker NEVER said a word as they cursed her out together. The cashier told him/them that she couldnt cash the check for whatever “company” reasons were…. and he got mad. In the office they tried to trick her up with fancy words, they said ….well did you say this” and you  did you say that”. She said well, you reviewed the tape did you see my lips moving? They said  no, but did you mumble something? Messed me up! I didnt even want to hear the rest of the story.Then, the people CALLS BACK up to the job a few days later and says ” did yall handle that yet”?  *crickets*looks around….handle what yet*? SMH@ ppl. WOW

 Now, they are really pressed about taking action, because look, if those people come back to my job and see this cashier is still there, they can purposely start something with her AND MY JOB WILL BE LIABLE for it. But guess what? This cashier WASNT EVEN SUPPOSE TO BE WORKING AT THE SERVICE DESK, SHE’S A CASHIER!!! So, they were hoping and wishing that they could see her mouth moving, and FIRE HER! But they didn’t. So she gets to keep her job. But if those people come back and see her, it could be trouble. And my job KNOWS IT!! She has to be really careful about her attendance, attitude, everything, because they are looking to get rid of her. I’ll keep you all updated on this story. SMH. Thats why I tell them quit grinning UP in their faces, do your work. Cause baaaaaaaby, if it EVA came down, its gonna be YOU and NOT them when it comes to losing their jobs.


It’s about to be Christmas time and people are going to be on Tweak mode!! I’m just passing through at this job, learning patience ( I need it ) and to learn how to deal with people. Because where I’m going, I’m going to need it. When its time for God to release me…….. I’m gone, and I will NOT look back. I know I did my part,  and my job to the best of  my ability and I wont owe anyone …..ANYTHING!!


Be Blessed Fam!


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