*before you leave the house*

Lately I’ve been doing a self examination on myself and I’ve learned a lot.  I sat still on situations that I wanted to react on but didn’t. I allowed all my emotions to do what it would normally do, but this time I wanted to experience it without getting upset or reacting. It was pretty hard.


A few days ago this lady came through my line as I was ringing her up I noticed that she had some good choices in CD’s. We discussed how she left some bags at K-mart some days ago, she made it clear to me that she didn’t want to leave any of her bags behind. After I totaled her out, I purposely grabbed all her bags and placed them in her cart. Not only did I do that, but I spun the carousal around several times. She left only to return 5-10 minutes later. She came up to my register and started going off on me, saying things like ” you didn’t give me my CD’s”, you let the person behind me take them! She was screaming so loud at me, she was very upset. I told her to calm down and that I remember putting them in her bag, and placing the bag in the cart. But she wasn’t having it, she was screaming at me from the top of her lungs. I said to her “maam please check  your car one more time, because its not here and I know I put them in your cart”. She starts screaming for my manager , saying that she wasn’t going back to the car to look for anything, because she believes that I gave them to the person behind her. My manager finally comes over, and the lady starts screaming at her as well. She then  referred her to my Assistant Manager because the lady didn’t want to hear what she had to say about calming down so that we can help her. The lady is screaming she has to go, and that she cant believe this happened to her again, and that I gave her CD’s away. Everyone in the store was watching this lady act a dayum fool! My manager Tai walks up to her and says to the lady, “look maam, calm down we’re going to find out what happened to your CD’s. She tells the lady to go back to the car, and look one more time, while she reviews the tape. The lady goes back to her car searching for the missing CD’s.  At the same time my manager  is reviewing the tape, and saw that not only did I put them in the bag, but I also put the bag in her cart. The lady never returned to the store. She found those CD’s and probaly felt embarrased.


Several people came up to me asking did I believe that she was lying to get scheme and get another set, so that she could get her money back. The answer is NO. This lady was too upset and angry. When someone is in doubt, normally they will come back  and say, “are you sure you put my CD’s in the bag”? She didn’t, she was very upset. She really couldn’t find what she wanted so badly to have. She’d already had a bad experience with K-mart, I believe she panicked and was looking too fast for them. Once she was able to calm down, she found them. She never returned to apologize  or anything. That’s cool, I just hope that she understands that she got upset for  FREE.


That’s why its important to always have the armor of God around us. I pray daily before work that I bless and encourage others, because when you are a child of God, and you have Peace * like I do*, its important that we don’t fall off the podium. God sent us out into the world to be a light, and he knows sometimes is dim, but we are to keep shinning, to sing songs in our minds and to remember scriptures in our hearts when we feel weary. I take a lot daily, but you know? I know who is the head of my life. I’m going to teach my Raisingurls that in order to be able to stand against the devils schemes, you have to know who you are * before you leave the house*. You cant allow others attitude to pull out yours. You cant allow how others act, to be your way of acting. You can’t go with the flow of others, be Leaders and allow God to guide you to doing things HIS way.

 ~next level~

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