MY husband

*My best male friend Rodney and his gurlfriend Angie*

This couple came through my line today they seemed to be the perfect couple. I asked them how long have they’ve been married, and its been 5 years, but they met 14 years ago. They had chemistry out of this world, they kept playing with each other and talking “junk”. Then there are many times, I meet couples and they call each other  the “B” word, and they talk to each other any old kind of way. They argue about whose gonna pay, why the other person spent so much, and then they don’t want to help put the groceries in the cart. I feel bad for those types of relationships.


I hate to see a WOMAN disrespect her man. To me that’s the worst thing you can do. Not to mention how bad it looks, especially if they’re in person. When a woman does that to her man, that means the relationship has “lost something”. Sometimes a woman can come to a place where she was dogged out so bad by him in the beginning, that now she sees weakness and opportunity to “do him in mentality”. That’s a dead-in relationship. She’ll do better walking away. Who wants to be with a man who dogged you out so bad, but now that he’s down on his luck, or sick, or depressed, jobless you want to make him feel less than a man? I know people like this.


I get the “why aren’t you married, you’re so pretty and sweet, you’ll make a man so happy.  I tell people, all of this is in God’s timing. Right now, I’m learning about relationships. I watch my Sisters and their husbands and I just love their chemistry. I love their husbands and admire then deeply for taking care of my Sisters. But we all do share a laugh when I say this…….. “Imma show yall how married life is done”. LOL I love to travel. I’ll hop on a plane in a New York minute. I just hope that when I meet my husband that I won’t run him away with my honesty.  I don’t like to hold anything back, and will always expect the same thing.


I remember being the most jealous person in the world. OMG!! I  don’t think that I can get that way again. When you know who you are, and that you’re #1 to that person, I don’t think that I can get that way again. I don’t care who comes into the picture, if I know that I’m the “#1 stunna”,  and he makes me feel that way…..then that’s what’s up! I want a husband that when were out and he’s mingling in one corner and I’m at the other, that when we come together, it wont be any suspicions. I want a husband to where when we are out and about, that we can look at each other and see that its time to go. When were visiting each others families we take turns fixing each other plates. Little stuff like that builds relationships. I love to touch and I hope my husband is touchy as well. One thing I will have to work on, * I already know* lol is spending carelessly.  That does something to me.  Not wanting to pay bills and putting them off .I don’t like that one bit. I’m the kind of woman who likes to pay my bills and the balance is $0.00. My tithes are paid, my light bill is $0.00 and my house phone, Internet, cable, and cell phone is paid $0.00. My fitness bill is paid $0.00 my credit card is due this week, that’s going to be $0.00. I don’t like to see shut off notices * saw to many growing up*. I promise myself to never live like that.


I can’t stand a selfish man!! I’m giving, I’ll give to my next pay day is tomorrow. LOL I love to help people and when I’m married I will make sure my husband is giving just like me ,and that we help and feed the homeless. We will visit and adopt a nursing home, and help bring Christmas to families, including mom and dad. My life is so peaceful and so happy. I just wish people would find this kinda peace, and maybe they would have happy homes. MY husband will be the head of my home, and in it we will Praise the Lord. I do have some things to work on, and that’s learn to fall back. I can work a nerve when I don’t understand something, but he’ll love me and give me the closure I need. LOL


I believe that  when someone is cheating, its harder to get back in order, because when you deal with other people outside of the marriage, it means TROUBLE. If your husband has a gambling problem to me it would seem easier to work on that together, more so than a cheating husband or wife. Those 3rd party people can be HARD to get rid of. Even cause death because of jealousy. Secrets can also cause trouble and also having too many people in your circle. I learned that a long time ago, I’m not the kinda person that will pick up the phone and tell ANYBODY what’s going on with me anyway, that turns me off and I hope my husband won’t be quick to do it.


My husbands “man cave”. He must have his own area to entertain, and I will surely have mines. Football is my favorite sport, so I will be hosting my/our football dinners on Sunday!! All my gurls are gonna have to love the game too. LOL We will take care of them and see to it that the only time they leave the room will be to use the bathroom. LOL That’s how I do it!


My best friend Charlene wrote out, prayed out all the things she wanted in her husband when we were single and struggling. She got the man of her dreams!!!! They are BLESSED BEYOND THE WORD!!! I admire her, and she tells me all the time, be specific with God on what you want, and watch it come to pass. I watch all of this happen for her, and she’s always praying for my husband.


~next level~


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