Turned out to be a beautiful day

Where do I start? What a year for me. If I didn’t have Jesus in my life, I wouldn’t know where all this was coming from.
This morning I got up for work for my shift 11:30-6:30. Well, let me go back a few days ago. My Sisters God mother funeral was today. I wanted to go to support my Sister and plus we know many of their family members. A few days ago I approached several people to take my hours so that I can attend the funeral. I caught up with this new gurl, and she agreed. In order to pick up hours you cant be scheduled to work on that same day. After we both signed and agreed to the date, we gave it to the manager. Well, the very next day that same manager came up to me and said, when I was changing the date for you, I realized that the person you had to take your hours is scheduled to work. I thought I was going to pass out. LOL. She made a mistake and read the schedule wrong. I had 3 hours to find someone to take my place…..I didn’t.
Even though I could have called off, I just didn’t want those points on my record. Here it is Monday morning, my momma is saying everybody is going to be asking about you, and I wish you were going with me, I wish you could have gotten somebody to take your place.  You know how mommas do. I’m  feeling bad about NOT being able to go, so I just get ready for work and suck it up. Came time to leave, my momma’s car was parked behind mines so she had to let me out. I went to stick the key in the ignition  and I’m like heyyyyy, where is the key to this car? I sat for a minute thinking where could my key be, this is crazy. Then I remember my brother n law was testing  it and I took it off my keys. This was Saturday, I haven’t driven it over the weekend, so I went looking for it on the kitchen table. I didn’t see it. Now, I’m watching the clock because I don’t want to be late, I searched high and low for that key and still couldn’t find it. I called my brother n law and he said that he had given it back to me. I got off the phone and still couldn’t find it. My mother told me that I could take her car and she would ride with my sister in her truck, but then it would be on my mind all day at work. So, I was like naw, I gotta find this key. I wont be any good at work thinking about it. Just then my sister pulled up to pick up my mom and here I was still searching for these car keys.
Just then out of the blue I decided to check my work bag and there it was in my plastic see through . I was out done, I kinda remember putting it there, but not really. By this time I was on the phone with my job, no answer. So, I hung up the phone. My momma and sister was looking at me saying “come on and go to the funeral with us, you’re already late, plus your boss already expected you to not make it”. I said naw….. yall go ahead Imma go in late, and get this day over with. They left.
Tell me this aint God~ I went to my bed room opened up my closet and saw my outfit that I was going to wear and started pulling off my work clothes. Nesha was looking at me soooooooooooo crazy, like I had lost my mind all of  a sudden. She just heard me say, I was going to work, watch them drive off and here I was putting on the clothes that I was suppose to wear for the funeral. I couldn’t explain why I was putting on these clothes, and something in me wouldn’t stop. I never had that to happen to me before.  I cant even explain what went through me. I was moving in top speed. It happened all of a sudden. I told Neisha…. “call my momma and tell them to come back and get me”. She did what I asked  her and they were back in 2 minutes. They were so happy!! LOL They asked what happened? I said I think it was meant for me to go, my car keys, me needing to be there, and I gotta feeling that God is going to reveal something to me in going.
My other sister ( who god mother passed) was already there and so happy to see me. People were coming up to me saying ” I thought you wasn’t coming”.  Which tells me they had been asking my sister about me. I’m so glad that I went. Afterwards me my mom and sister went to Applebees to eat. I let them do all the talking at times, because I kept thinking about how God must have wanted me to go in the first place, when I was on my way to work. I had a strong feeling why he wanted me there, then at dinner my sister went into details why she think God wanted her there, and it was the very same thing  HE TOLD ME. That was confirmation!
I came home, feeling so “different” and so I laid down for  a nap, woke up so full of God’s Love, feeling so changed, feeling so good. I had this dream that I was sitting at the table with my brother Bobby, and he was asking me in his “bobby kinda way”….. Why do we have to pay tithes? In my dream I started “going hard in the paint” on him about,  it was deep in the streets how I was explaining. Just then ALL OF A SUDDEN I woke up and was like “God why you wake me up I wasn’t finish telling him? He said now go write it down.
I love God. Thank you  for waking me up this afternoon from a nap so full of LOVE AND JOY.

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