checking in……..

Hey People!!!
Still here, just tryna figure out this thing called LIFE! Working a lot, trying to get it together so that I can see results. I haven’t been witting lately, “doing too much” I guess LOL. Planning my family gathering for July 23, and my BEST FRIEND CHARLENE asked me to do her 15th or 16th wedding anniversary. I’m so happy for them, so I gotta do some research. I figured out that I like to plan, when I sit and think about my life, I’m always the one who can put together a function. I’m very patient ( in this area)  and that’s probably why I enjoy it. I’m going to look more into it. I don’t feel that I’m creative at all, but I’m good at handling business, and speaking with people who can help me get things going ( got that from my dad).
I can go on and on, but I will post later this weekend.

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