Loyality means A LOT!

There is one thing that I LOVE about LIFE…. and that’s everyday I LEARN something new.

I had a wonderful Birthday and I shared it with my one and only child, because it was her BD as well. We went shopping, and later on my sister called my family over to her house and we had ice cream and cake.We had fun.. Thank you Jesus for that wonderful day. Well, I least I have $100.00 left. 🙂

I have a hard time dealing with people who put off YOUR business, and the things that you have to take care of. I went to my store manager yesterday with a PEN, so that he could okay my schedule change, after he asked me several questions he told me to find him “later” so that he could sign it for me. *blank stare*. Now if you know me, I don’t like to keep asking, or constantly chasing folks down to take care of MY business.If you’re here right now, dayum just do it!!! I went back to my register and couldn’t stop thinking about that. He’s a very good manager, great communicating skills, great listener, he asks questions, he’s a great guy, but not only HE, but a lot of MEN like to keep putting things off. I just don’t get that. My daddy use to do the same thing. OMG That use to make me so mad. If I’d say daddy, can you drop us off at the mall about 3, he’ll say yea……. but why can’t you go tomorrow? That BURNS ME UP!!!

If your decision is connected to someone, why would you purposely make them deal with it tomorrow, rather so today? Why do everything has to be “LATER” or “NOT RIGHT NOW”? I don’t get that. Getting back to my story….. later on that day just before it was time for me to leave, I said let me go and find him so that he can sign his name to this paper. I ask this other manager was he in the office…. he says “he’s in a conference call” is there anything I can do? Now that sounds so nice and so considerate of him to ask that right? NO! If I was asking a question about a customer, he would ask me “where is your immediate supervisor? But since I want to speak to someone “higher” than he is, he wants to offer help. Man, I’ll tell you. LOL So, I had to go home and watch my business being put off another day. But just before that….. my manager came to me for the 2nd time in 2 weeks, told me it was time for my yearly evaluation and asked what time did I get off. I told her 4 . She says okay….. well I want to see you before you leave. Now, see that’s an open invitation. She didn’t give me a time, she wanted me to get off at 4, and hunt her down through the whole store and be there after 5. NAH Unnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn NOT THATGURLTHEYCALLCREE!!! Without giving it any thought at that time, I said okay! ( as I’m always kind and submissive to my managers and coworkers) Then as time was passing, I thought about it, I told my immediate manager to page her and ask her what time did she want to meet with me, she said @ 4. I said NAHHH UNNN, I leave at 4 and I have to be gone!!! She said okay 10 minutes to 4. So, time came for me to meet her, I’m praying and asking God to please fix my facial expression, I’m not a Fake person, and my face tells everything my mouth wont say .I’m upset with my store manager, and now HER. I’m walking slow trying to make sure I don’t go to her with a negative attitude. I don’t like that, and I’m doing everything in my power to have a reason to smile. But I can’t help but think about my manager and him putting me/us off, and her postponing this evaluation for weeks and weeks. I walked into her office , and instantly my face smile. So, Praise God for that.

People, stop putting off stuff when it concerns others. If you do this to yourself, that’s fine, that’s cool, its okay. But when you are dealing with others, that’s so un cool. Take care of your business with them. and when you really need business taken care of they will remember and do it for you.See, I know how to apply pressure. You don’t want to go there with me, I will make you sign my papers that’s not due till the year 2014, tryna hold my business up. I will pressure you for real. I don’t like to do that, because it should never go that far, but I’ll teach you a lesson in business. Take care of MINES!!!

I went to the nail shop to get my nails done by the owner ( Asians) his name is John, and his wife is Amy. He’s been doing my nails FAITHFULLY for over 12 years. I don’t let ANYONE else do my nails. EVER. And after I finish with him, I’ll  go to his wife Amy’s booth to get my brows. Now I have told her several times, if you are too busy FINE, COOL, I’ll come back later or the next day, don’t be referring me to somebody else in the shop.*rolls eyes*. So, Saturday me and Neisha went to get our nails and brows done, when I walked in Amy was happy to see me, and so were the other ladies who work there. I said hey Amy where is John? She said he’s gone home. So, I’m like is he coming back today? They all started laughing and said …naw he went back to our country for a month. LOL WE started laughing, so she said sit down, we can do your nails and brow. I gave her this look ( Nesha be bout to die laughing when I do it) . I said gurlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll, I’ll be back in a month for John to do my nails. LOL They laughed. ( I was serious.) She was very busy doing nails, and had people waiting for her, so I had this look in my face as if to say…. I’ll come back tomorrow. Then she says…… pointing to one of the other ladies from her country … she can do your brows. I gave her this look, like GURLLLLLLLLLLLL, DONT BE REFERRING ME TO ONE OF YOUR *on stand by* GOONS TO DO MY BROWS….IS YA CRAZY? I see Imma have to pull Ms. Amy to da side about my nails and brows….. NOBODY does them , only her or her husband. * side eyeing* I dont let anybody pamper me.

Gotta give a shout out to my HAIR DOCTOR JANINE!!!! She has been doing my hair for 20 years!!!! I have ( cheated) on her ONE TIME, and that was because someone wanted to experiment on my head. No one has everrrrrrrrrr done my hair except her. I’m so proud of her and her song writting abilities!!! When I would go over to her house she would talk about how she likes to write music, and model. We would go to karaoke together and have fun. The gurl can write and sing. I am just so proud of her and her modeling, videos, voice overs and all. I watched both of her kids grow up and I’m so proud of her, cant wait till she blows up!!!

So, the lesson I learned in the past weeks, is that I’m loyal. I like to take care of BUSINESS, AND to those who know me, they know I do my best to be a good friend. When I do wrong or wrong them, they tell me. I listen and take care of the situation. Thank you Lord!

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