Raisingurl DayDay

Gotta exciting weekend planned. Went to see Tyler Perry’s movie Friday night, *SHH dont tell my sisters, they wanted to go with their HUSBANDS but I convinced them to wait till tomorrow and go with me and my gurls* and tomorrow Im going back to see it with my RAISINGURLS TO WOMEN GURLS GROUP!!! We are excited, and ready to go.

Yesterday I called one of my my gurls and told her that I wanted her to lead one of the meetings. She was excited. She knows how to pray, speak and she is such a great Leader. One day after we had out open questions to each other…. lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll she asked me. ……..Auntie ZZ why you so aggresive? She said the way you say things it makes me * then she demostrated herself gtting off the couch real fast when I called her name*. It was soooo funny. See my voice carries. I have a very strong voice, and when I speak it seems as if Im being aggresive. She did say that its not mean at all, she said but it makes me/us move faster. Oh I was hollering. LOL100_2773









Goodnight!! Gotta be up for Church and then to greet my gurls!!!


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