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So, this lady came through my line today, she lets out this *dangerous cough….* I roll my eyes to the sky and leave them there for 30 minutes *( seem like), jumped back a half mile * sarcastically* and says to the lady….. in my nicest voice….”ma’am ….you- gotta- cover- your- mouth”… then she says ” that’s not a cold its bronchitis”….* blank stare up to God*. Then the customers BEHIND her says * even more sarcastically than I did* …”Oh you just cover you mouth if you have Tuberculosis? “…..LOL Classic…. I couldn’t have said it better.

I’m 44 years old now, and like Mr. Perry said….. its the new 30. Baby, he said a mouthful cause I LOVE BEING 44. I feel good!!!! LOL. I’m so glad I’m not in my 20’s anymore, I would never fit in with them. Its all about how you feel, how you look at life, how you deal with things, how you think, and how you react. Thank you Lord, that I am no where how I use to be. It comes a time when you grow up!

For the last week or so, I’ve been working mornings, and I noticed that so many women, especially the ones who are a few years older, they are always coming in with attitudes… Like how do you wake up in the morning with an attitude? Dang, the day hasn’t even started yet? The issues of the day haven’t begun to find you…… that last nights anger you are carrying? Like for real. Then, I have those who are borderline “angry” they say to me, “you’re so cheerful in the mornings”…..Um yeaaaaaa, like how are you suppose to start off a day, YOU HAVENT EVEN SEEN YET”…. with an attitude….Owww Thank So!! You just met this day, how can you wake up, go out into the world and transfer that “ratchet” spirit to another person. Well, I’m not her, God makes me smile every morning, and if you want to come through my line, you’ll get smiles, peace, blessing, laughs, and a short conversation. I be DAMNED… If I change my attitude in the morning, cause the next person is not feeling so great.

I see myself in Atlanta with my Teens. I never wanted to have a *building*where you go. ….lock up for the night…..that’s corny to me. I see MY home as this place,. Its so nice and huge with bedrooms for them. I see myself with all my gurls in the kitchen making cupcakes, baking and cooking for the homeless and seniors. I see it so clearly, I feel as if I’m in this kitchen. I see myself cooking and talking to them as they help out, then all of a sudden I start to cry because what I see myself doing today Sep 14, 2011, is what I always wanted to do. Everyday, I see this. Having a *building* is NOT personal to me, its so *rehearsed*. I see myself sitting on this long couch that goes into this never ending circle * I have to see everyone’s eyes* , and we’re all sitting around with our shoes off, snacks on the table, just having a full chat talking about everything in life, me asking them a thousand questions * as I always do*. There is not a day that pass me by that I don’t think about it. I know this is what God has called me to do. I only wish I knew what kinda chip God planted in me, that makes all the teenagers and kids have a connection to me. They stare at me * its so funny*…. I can read their every thoughts. They want to connect with me when they do that, but since I’m an adult, they wonder if that’s “okay”. LOL LOL See, adults don’t talk to kids as we should, we look at them as “kids”, instead of people, and kids want to come in our world. They are so trained that * this is grown’s folks business*… and that’s cool too. But, kids are people too, and I let them know, that I see them, I hear them, I recognize their pain, their concerns, their issues, their questions. I will move to Atlanta and I will use my home as a healing balm for every teen that God sends my way.

Well, I’m off to bed.

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