My Random Thoughts………………

Merry Christmas Everybody!

God is good aint he? Today is the day that the Lord has made! Thank you Jesus for letting me see another day!

How is everyone out there today? Things are good with me. Yall know I work for Walmart so yall can imagine how crowded and off the chain it was right? I made it through this Christmas Season. People were nicer this year than last year. I dunno if folks spend a lot of money or not, but it was busy.

Today is Christmas Eve and I didnt have to work. I am home today cleaning up my home office, man I am so junky at times. I keep things so long it dont make sense. I was debating with myself whether to keep a old receipt I had when I put some furniture in the layaway early this year. Its all faded and everything, so after going back and forth with myself, I decided to keep it???????? What is the bond I have with receipts? I have the next 4 days off including today and I am going to make use this time wisely. If I write a note on all the things I need to do, I can do them with no problem. But if they are not written down………………I wont do nothing! LOL

My family is coming over tonight so that we can open gifts. And we are celebrating my sisters boyfriends BD. Darren turned 36 yesterday and he said that when he was young, by Chirstmas being so close to his BD, he can only remember having cake and icecream once in his life. So, we are giving him a family get together tonight, dinner and opening gifts. He loves Turnip greens, so we are having those, collard greens too ( my favorite), mac and cheese, cake, ponderosa wings, chicken and dressing, and a Turkey. Then tomorrow we are all going to see Dream Girls! Then were taking a dish over to my sisters house for Christmas Dinner, movies and lots of games! I dont have to work the day after Christmas either, OH IM PLAYING SOME SPADES, Uno, Phase 10, Clue, and trouble tomorrow night! I can show ya, better than I can tell ya! LOL Its on and poppin!

Wednesday I was working the 12 items or less lane, and guess who walks up in my line? Delicious from Flava of Love 2. She is soooooo sweet. When I saw her, the first thing out of my mouth was Heyyyyyyyyy Ms. London. Thats her first name. She walked up to my register and gave me a big hug as if she had been knowing me forever. That warmed my heart. We just started chit chatting , talking and cracking up. She has lot some weight, she was looking pretty as she is, and she has a beautiful spirit. You can see it on her face, and in her conversation and the way she talks to you. She said that Walmart is her spot! lol Yeah cause thats the 3 time she has been spotted. Then the very next day she was in there again! She spotted me and gave me a hug, and we talked again. People was asking me how was she acting. She was so cool! I just wonder how people suppose to act? She is just a normal person. She shops at Walmart who dont…….or havent? lol She says that her and flav are still together, and that she flys a lot so, they see each other pretty much often. Im happy for her.

Well, Im about to go put some cranberry sauce in a platter. Its about to go down in a few hours! So everyone, yall have a MERRY CHRISTMAS, and remeber to Say Happy Birthday to Our Lord and Saviour Jesus!.

God Bless you all


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