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Happy Holidays!!!

I had a wonderful time with family and friends yesterday! I love taking photos and videos. You best believe I snapped till I dropped. LOL

I asked myself as I sat quietly watching everyone laugh, talk, eat and drink what is it about THIS family that I love so much?  Its the fact that WE TRULY LOVE EACH OTHER. We are honest with each other, we COMMUNICATE well with each other. We are THERE ((Thank you Jesus))… for each other. My nieces and nephews RESPECT us, even though they’re adults, they do not curse in front of us at all. We ALL GREET with hugs and kisses! We laugh a lot and talk junk. My siblings and I DO NOT CALL EACH OTHER AND TALK ABOUT THE OTHER.. NO NO NO NO NO NO EVER!!! We have arguments and debates, but we do not FIST FIGHT, HIT, OR EVER, EVER, EVER get personal. We stay on the subject and after communicating our differences, we MAKE UP ON THE SPOT.. saying “I love you”.

We are NOT a perfect family, and there is always room to grow. Then I asked myself, what are some of the things in this family that we can IMPROVE on?

Getting together MORE OFTEN. I think that we should see each other more. We have personal inbox messages for SIBLINGS ONLY, MOM and all of her kids, and we also have one called SISTERS. That’s how we communicate, and that we do daily.  We love this, because its a INSTANT way to stay connected. Do we talk on the phone? Yes we do, but we all love the instant message/inbox/FB so that’s how we stay connected.

I also wish that when we have family dinners and gatherings, that the “kids”.. my grown 20 something year old nieces and nephews (( and my daughter)) would come more often to the functions. They come, but of course as a mom and aunt, I want them at ALL THE FAMILY FUNCTIONS. LOL But I do understand that they have lives, cars, and jobs and that they have friends to visit as well. My mom and dad are the happiest when ALL of THEIR KIDS, and our kids (( their grandkids)) are all under one roof. This Christmas it happened! Everyone was happy.

Here are a few family photos I took Friday December 25, 2015 Christmas Day!

image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image

I Am LaCrease and I  have to do anything else!


FullSizeRender (6)



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