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.…Thanking God for the Blessing to Bless others, Thanking him for supplying all of my needs. I’m just Blessed and I see it, I recognize it, I’m living it, and I appreciate it and I’m truly grateful. Thank you Jesus for loving me. My mommie gave me so many kisses and hugs for always taking care of her she said to me yesterday. She had surgery and has been off work for a couple of months. I love taking care of her, because she has always taken care of me. I would do anything for her, all she has to do is let me know. I take her for rides ( I love to drive), I take her to my aunts to visit her, to her appointments, and to her job, to take care of her personal business. She is a wonderful woman of God who loves others and especially her family.

Thanking God for more lessons that has been learned. I can blog about it now because the “investigation” on me has been done.

I was called into the office last week, and asked about someone using my discount card. The day after my BD I went to our other store instead of my store to shop. I bought all of my personal needs on my bill, which came up to $239.12…. before using my discount card. Then my daughter spent $73.06 for her items….before using my discount card ( because she’s in school and I claim her) Then I bought my food items which came to $47.26…. before using my discount card. I’m very friendly so I was talking and talking and talking to the cashier about everything. He was a young white guy, very friendly. I guess he felt I was being friendly so that I could throw him off from focusing on seeing that my daughter was using my discount card. Little did he know that she’s eligible to use it.

On Monday of this week, I was called into the office and asked did I do some shopping at the other store. It caught me totally off guard, there was also another manager in there, and they were waiting for me to respond. My mouth became dry, and when she reached for my badge, I was like wait a minute……. let me think. I remembered that me, my mom and neisha were at the check out counter, I then was asked, who is the person who used the debit card? I couldn’t think for the life of me. LOL I’m like shoo I dunno, that was the week before. I was told that the cashier noticed that I let a gurl use my card, and they wanted to know who she was. Just then I remember that it was Neisha. I swiped the discount card myself, because personal I don’t like anyone to swipe it but me. My mom didn’t buy anything, so it was me and Neisha who use it. OnceI remembered……I let lose. I said… “No one used my card that was my daughter, she knew that I was telling the truth”…. “she gave” my badge back to me, and told me that they would review the tape to see more. I’m pissed about it, how the whole thing went down, but at the same time its like……go and find out what happened, you shouldn’t have came to me with this anyway if you haven’t done a full investigation on me!!! I LEFT the office, and went home in a daze and crazy headache. I don’t like trouble, I don’t drama, and this investigation was going to linger I knew.

I went home gathered up all 3 of my receipts and whenever you use a debit card or credit card, the last 4 digits will appear on the receipt. The very next day I went to work and produced all 3 receipts, and my daughter’s debit card proving her name on the card and proving the last 4 digits matching the receipt. But the person I needed to see didn’t come in until today 9/17/11.

 This morning, I went straight to her, she likes to prolong business, and will have you waiting till its time for you to punch out for the day. Not today I wasn’t hardly going to play that game. Before I even went to my post, I went to her and said….Lets Talk! She already knew how serious I was, and I wasnt about to let another day, or mintue, pass without having this discussion. She had the case ready for me as she investigated, and had the taped reviewed.  I, on the other hand had my receipts, W-2 form, and the debit card in question. She started off saying…..there were 3 transactions. I said yes it was…. and here they are. I said look at the times so that you can see which transaction was first , and match up the dates. I said I rung up first….she said yesssssss. I was on camera first, ( which told me she knew more today, than she knew the day she confronted me about it) . Then she asked who used the debit card, this person was second, and this is the person in question. I said my daughter, and here is her debit card WITH HER NAME ON IT, ending in the last 4 digits on the receipt. Then she says……who is the older lady that was with you. I said my mom….SHE DIDNT PURCHASE ANYTHING….. ( in other words……DONT EVEN MENTION HER AT ALL!!!!!!!!!! PERIOD!!!!!!! NOTHING!!!!!!!! After a few minutes of looking at the receipts, she said alright….and that was it.

People make sure you keep all of your receipts, or anything that you will need to prove that you own something, that you purchased something, that you received something. I don’t care if it seems as if you don’t need to keep it, KEEP IT!!! Always have your proof, just in case you need to declare. When you’re being investigated, don’t try to see what they know, let them ask you questions. Don’t go off volunteering information, let the question be asked, use less words as possible when answering. If they have cameras……let them use it. Then answer questions based off what is there….and what you are asked. Don’t explain anything….let them pull teeth with no medication.

Another reason, why I was kinda mad at myself is because when we first walked up to the register…Neisha turned to me and said out of the blue…Ma.. lets just pay for our order and leave, don’t be talking to the cashier like you always do. Don’t be so friendly all the time. And what I do, soon as we get to the register, I start talking, and blah blah blah…

A lesson learned…… And that’s one thing that I love about myself…. I can fall back…..and all the way back. I’m about to be straight up business minded. No more talking, no more being friendly ( in that way…please don’t take this the wrong way). I’m always meeting people, and they always run their mouth against me, and when I HAVE NOTHING to do with them anymore……I’m acting funny. So what!!!! I’m done. All in person conversations will be cut to a minimum. If its not the ones I meet and befriend that’s being jealous, its the ones I meet in passing. Thinking you’re having a “grown-up” conversation with someone, and they find a way to make it their own. Either to get information so that they can use it for their personal gain, or its to make you get in trouble and make you look bad. Well those days are over, that’s it. It’s doing me more harm than anything. LOL But you know what’s so amazing…. God protects me. Sometimes I feel like a 2 year old rubbing the head of a Lion who is hungry and haven’t eaten in days, TRUSTING that he likes me and he enjoys my company….. when in reality JUST LIKE THE PEOPLE I MEET, he wants me for his personal gain. God always wire me up, because he knows my heart and he knows I mean well in all contact with people. Its a shame what people would do for a higher position in a company, and a man……….. THEY WILL NEVERRRRRRRRRR  HAVE/GET/SEE!!!

The steadfast of mind You will keep in perfect peace, Because he trusts in You. Isaiah 26:3

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