Never use SUGAR on the TRUTH….Cree’s Blog Entry

Whew, where do I start. Lord, I must Thank you for keeping me sane, and for standing near me when I was about to lose it.


I’m a busy woman. I have a lot going on in my life, and it involves communicating with a LOT OF PEOPLE. Over the years I had to cut my circle down to only those friends who are on my level mentality and spiritually. I’m a person who doesn’t use SUGAR on the TRUTH. And finally in my life, FINALLY….FINALLY…I have learned that I can be me, even if I have to be brutality honest with someone, and not lose sleep over it. I’m a person who keeps an open mind to everything. I’m always willing to listen and learn. That’s my first attraction I have to others. I’m a listener.


Today, this lady ( about my age or a little younger) came through my line with her daughter who had to have been about 24. She looked at me and with this sarcastic and FUNKY TONE and said “Hello, how are you”. The way she said it made me look up. I looked her dead in the eye and said ” Hello, I’m fine. So, I guess she realized that I knew that she was being funny. Just so happened that I was training this new guy, and as I stood there waiting on her to give me the money for her items. I noticed that she was taking a very long time. That’s when her daughter let out this loud and obnoxious laugh. I knew then, that this daughter knew her mother was acting a fool. I looked at the lady to see what was taking her so long, and I said to myself, she’s doing this on purpose. The guy that I was training noticed it, and so to “kill time” he started asking me some training questions. Afterwards, I turned to the lady to see if she was ready to hand me the money ( people in my line was staring at her like she was crazy). She was taking her own sweet time, purposely trying to set me off. So, after about 2 minutes of her digging slowly in her wallet, I knew for a fact what she was doing, and decided that since I had to wait on her, I TURN MY BODY COMPLETELY TO my trainee and communicated to him somethings about the job, OH SHE DIDNT LIKE THAT……she wanted me to LOOK AT HER, AND WAIT FOR HER. She clearly had me messed up….. I WISH I WOULD!!! Me and the trainee started talking about the different things, and when she realized that SHE WAS ON HER TIME, and that I WAS GETTING PAID and that I HAD ALL DAY……. BUT SHE DIDNT. She decided that she wanted to give me the money. Instead of her saying “maam here you go”. She screams and says ” HEREEEEEEEEEEEEE YOU GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I turned around and looked at her…… then when I went to get the money out of her hand, she had it so close to her breast that I had to reach out to get it, she didn’t want to stretch her arms out across the belt to give it to me, she wanted me to reach for it. I DID…… as I did it, I told my trainee this RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM BOTH…… Remember …. YOU SET THE ATMOSPHERE IN YOUR LINE. YOU ARE THE LEADER…….ALWAYS SMILE AND BE NICE TO PEOPLE NO MATTER WHAT. She didn’t like that at all, I hand her the change and told her to have a nice day.



My point….. I’m trying to understand what is the purpose of coming into MY LIFE, and trying to add me to the ” I’m mad at her list”. Okay and…….. she and her daughter will have something to talk about in the car, then maybe tell a few others just to have a conversation. What is the point? Is this your job for today? Did you really punch Satan’s time clock today? You could have called off you know?


I have a million things to do, I have so many phone calls to return, I have to meet folks to do things for me concerning the homeless. I have money from paypal waiting to go into my account, and still I haven’t done that yet. I have money to take to my bank, people at work coming up to me with merchandise for the Homeless, I had ( I went) my great nieces BD party to go to this evening. I have to get off work and find gifts for the baby. I have so many things to do, and here comes this lady doing whatever she can to transfer her GARBAGE to me. I’m not even upset, my question is………where does this come from? I’m finding this to happen all the time. A lot I can ignore, but lately its been bad.


There is so much in this world that can be discussed to get done. So many people hungry and homeless. Don’t come barking at me…..cause this VIRGO will pull out her CANINES. Meaningless conversations kills me. I’m not about to debate or argue with anyone, either you like it or you don’t, you either will or you won’t. Conversations these days should be quick and to the point when you know what you’re going to do. I’m not about to spend 40 minutes on a topic when a person mind is already made up, Chose one and move on. Its either A or B. * blank stare*


I’m a teacher at heart. When I speak its to teach and to learn . I’m not a person who puts sugar on the truth. I carry salt in my purse NOT sugar. This lady came through my line, and she didn’t want to lift a finger. I had a lot to ring up and ask her in my nicest voice ( showing all my teeth).. “Maam, can you do me a favor and start loading your bags in your cart, so that I can have space and continue to ring?” She said ” I didn’t know I came here to work”! In my mind I laughed a little, cause I’m saying to myself…… These are YOUR items…… HELP ME HELP YOU!!!! What is wrong with that, most people will say OMG , IM SORRY….. LET ME GRAB THESE BAGS!!! Then these are the same people who will get older and want/need a person to help them, BUT when they were in position to HELP THEMSELVES they wouldn’t. These are the kind of people who feel others owe them something. SMH. I feel really bad for a lot of people. People who think others OWE THEM ARE THE WORST PEOPLE!!!


In other NEWS……. Its almost time to go and pass out dinners to the Homeless for Thanksgiving. We do this Wednesday Nov 23, 2011. We are feeding 90-100 people and I’m very excited. This year we had so many people to donate, that I didn’t get a chance to let my FB friends be apart of it. So many people sent me messages asking why didn’t I post it. I feel bad in a way, but usually my out of town friends help, and my Walmart family. They filled the need, my issue is always space in the trucks and cars. It takes a lot of space to hold 90 dinners with 3 deserts and 3 drinks. I need a truck. I hope that I can come up with some money to get me one next year before I move to Atlanta. I really need this. All I do is pray about it, so hopefully something with give soon.


Im closing for now. Remember people NO ONE OWES YOU ANYTHING!!! Do for yourself while your CAN…… cause one day you/me/we are going to get OLD, and that’s when you really cant do for yourself. Then you will feel good about receiving the help. But come on now, stop thinking someone owe you something while you are young. do what you can. Also, stop the meaningless conversations……..MAN, ITS TIRESOME AND IGNORANT. Either you like it or not, either its Yes or No, Holding a conversation about a subject you have already made your mind up on is MEANINGLESS!!!




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