The FACES behind Cree’s Feeding the Homeless for Thanksgiving 2011

Today I want to show photos of all my family and friends who helped made this year Cree’s Feeding the Homeless a success. These are the faces behind the “music”. I Thank God for each and everyone of them.

La’Crease -Cree’s Feeding the Homeless Founder

Valerie from Arizona

Chanel and Lisa (Coworkers)

Darrin ( Brother-N-Law)

Selena from New York

Ganell ( My Niece)

Calandra from Chicago

Chikeia ( Coworker)

Crystal ( Coworker

Debra ( Coworker)

Mar’Neishia ( My Daughter)

Ebony ( Coworker)

Elaine ( Coworker)

Ms. Karen ( My Boss)

Peedie ( My BABY Sister)


Tracey ( Coworker)

Margarette ( Coworker)

Heather (My Coworker~Play Daughter)


Lajuana ( My Coworker)


Ms. Gloria











Penny ( Coworker)


A special Thank you to ( photo not available)… Adair, Gina, Shatya, Deanna,Tanish,and Tianna  All coworkers who helped put this together.

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