Bullies…..Cree’s Blog Entry

Hey Fam!!!

Thank you Lord for all the Lessons I’ve learned from the Oprah’s Life Class from OWN and the LIVE WEBCAST. I have learned so much about myself, and about others that I couldn’t even write it down right away I had to let it sink in my mind, and had to think about it over and over. I really LOVED and appreciated the time she made for us to “to get it” and that’s what I did. I got it!!!

Anger~ In middle school…I use to hang with bullies so that I wouldn’t be bullied. But truth was, I was being bullied from people that I grew up with at home. I hated it too. But now I ask myself…well why did you hang with them? A part of me found some things they said to others were funny, and I love to laugh. But as I got older I realize that I laughed on account of someone being bullied and hurt.

Today, in my life I CANT STAND BULLIES!!!! I will mentally ( in such a nice way) tear away at someone who commits this act in from of me. I found out by watching Oprah’s Life Classes that this is were 95% of my anger comes from WHEN I do get it. When I see people knocking over the next person to be first in line, that’s a bully. That bothers me because it tells me that its ALL ABOUT YOU. Selfish acts bothers me. I know this gurl who is always asking someone to buy her something, but when she’s in position to buy and help out someone, she can’t do it. That’s a bully to me. This is how she lives her life. I see this a lot, and it really bothers me. But now since I realized where my anger was coming from, I have the power to control it. It was hard for me because I wouldn’t understand why I was feeling that way. I use to be a bully in my own way,

I hung out with them to keep from being bullied, then I saw that I was being bullied from the people that was outside of my school.

Its funny now how the table has turned. No matter what I do, or where I go, I am a pretty popular person. I come in contact with a lot of people. And I will NOT TOLLERATE any bullying at all!!! I understand that I have a lot of influence over people, I see a lot, I hear a lot and this is probably the reason why I HATE GOSSIP. I stand up for the underdog. I fight ( not physically) for them all the time. I’m so glad that I have a voice, and is known for telling the truth and taking up for others. I don’t stand around and watch someone go Hungary, being talked about, being bullied. I have learned too, that a lot of times I have to fall back, and that’s okay. But I’m glad that I had that experience growing up, so now I understand getting bullied, and taking up for the person being bullied. To me bullying is as simple as someone who CUTS in front of 8 people saying……… I HAVE TO GO, AND I DONT HAVE TIME TO STAND IN THESE LONG LINES, TAKE MY ORDER SO THAT I CAN GO!!! I will get FIRED and walk out before my HANDS take that customer. I will never tolerate that kind of behavior.

I’m really happy that by watching that show on Anger it has showed me an area of my life that I never understood. Now, I have a grip on these kinds of issues, when they are presented I know how to handle them without getting upset.

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