Inside the *crazy* mind of Ms. Walker ( La’Crease) #2

Happy New Year!!!!! Now that the Christmas Season is over, I can calm down ( mentality speaking). LOL Working retail is NO JOKE.

Now, I know the saying goes “the customer is always right”. But NOT this time. And whether or not she wanted to admit it, I put a whopping on her conscience!!!!! This lady came through my line a few days ago. She was with her 2 kids around the ages of 9 and 11. She had to have been in her early 30’s. When she walked up to the counter, she was very very friendly, and so was her children. Now, when a customer brief you on a certain item, 9 times out of 10, she will dispute you about it later, because she knows there is some controversy about it. As she set her things on the belt, she says to me….. ” I bought one of the different sets to this doll at Christmas and now its on sale”. That told me then that it was some BS in the game. As I got to the doll, I rung it up, and gave her the total. She said oh wow, I don’t have enough money, so she starts taking things off the bill. No problem, I’ll just click the void button. Then she said what is my total? I gave it to her, then she says….”hey how much did that doll ring up for”? I said um $29.99. She said “No, that doll is on sale for $16.99”. I looked at it, and said are you sure, because normally it will ring for the sale price, and the sticker is on it. She said yeah. And I said No, its not on sale, I said well let me call my manager over, then she said….Well Ill go back and get the sale price that was attached to it. So, Im like okay….. She comes back with this sign with tape attached to it saying “Green Jacket” WAS $32.99 now $16.99. I said Maam… what is a Green Jacket? What you want is a baby doll!!!! She said I know but I didnt want the green jacket doll, I wanted this one. I said well okay this sign DOES NOT SAY $16.99 FOR THE DOLL YOU WANT. She said but the sign was hanging on this doll. I said, you went back and got that sign, and its NOT the same one. I said maam LOOK……this doll RINGS up for $29.99 and the sticker price SAYS $29.99. She ( kept this permanent business smile on ALL WHILE we went back and forth about it). The she says….but this is the sign that was on it. JUST LYING!!!! I said maam I REFUSE to let you leave here NOT UNDERSTANDING what IM SAYING TO YOU. I said listen, If this sign said DIET COKE $16,99 and YOU BRING ME A REGULAR COKE…… WOULD YOU EXPECT ME TO GIVE YOU THAT COKE FOR THAT PRICE JUST BECAUSE THE “STICKER” WAS ON IT? She said ( in that dam business smile) AND I HAD MINES ON TOO ( ONE OF THE MANY …NENE LEAKES FACIAL EXPRESSION) 

I UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU’RE SAYING, BUT THIS STICKER WAS HANGING ON THERE!!! I said to myself if this heffa say that ONE MO TIME!!!!!!! I said maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam, IF        YOU        GO        AND        GET         THE       GREEN      JACKET       DOLL      , JUST       LIKE        THE        TICKET       SAYS,      THEN       I       WILL       HONOR       THE        PRICE       ( it would AUTOMATICALLY RING UP FOR THE SALE PRICE)………. Then she said BUT I DONT WANT THAT ONE…. I know my voice went up to 6 when she said that, cause I followed up and said, ………..MAAM PLEASEEEEEE PLEASEEEEEEEEE PLEASEEEEEEEEE TELL ME that you ARE GETTING WHAT IM SAYING…….. ( in my mind I’m saying I REFUSE TO BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE THIS DAYUM STUPID LADY WTH ARE YOU SERIOUS?) !!!!!!!! …….THEN SHE LAWYER UPED  ON ME. LOL LOL LOL

She said well, can I see your manager?  I knew then that she was going to win, THANKS TO THE PERSON who came over. This person came over, looked at the doll, and gave it to her. Oh, I was pissed. If my insides could burn up, I would have been on fire right there at the register. She kept that business smile on that irrated me to NO END.  Her kids were watching it all. We weren’t screaming or anything, but her kids saw first hand HOW TO SCHEME!!! SMH. After my shift was over, I marched MY #VIRGO self to the toys department, and guess what I saw? The DOLL THAT SHE HAD WAS IN THE SPOT OF $29.99. and RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT NEXT TO IT WAS THE GREEN JACKET DOLL SPOT. SHE SNATCHED THAT STICKER SIGN OFF THE GREEN JACKET SPOT AND BOUGHT IT TO THE REGISTER. LYING FAKE PHONY HEFFA!!!  My thang is this, I could have given her that doll for $15.00…… but she stood there and LIED, and I knew better. She wouldn’t be honest for nothing in the world.And see the customers behind her, they will watch and see how I handle things, and some may say.. okay Im getting in her line because she gives in to the foolishness, then some may say,thats right cashier, she IS DEAD WRONG!! Then some feel that I should have given her the doll without a debate about it, BECAUSE ITS GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE. And trust me…. I HAVE LET THINGS SLIDE WITHOUT A DEBATE MANY TIMES, JUST TO SATISFY THE CUSTOMER. But not this time. She wanted her daughter to have the doll so badly, and her daughter saw first hand how to get your way, if you LIE AND STEAL. It s not even about giving it to her, its about me going to get lengths to get her to understand that YOU ARE WRONG. QUIT SCHEMING FOR DAYUM $16.00. I had a headache after dealing with her and her lies. Had one of my other managers came to my register SHE WOULDN’T HAVE GOTTEN JACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And you know whats funny? When I call a manager over, I NEVER LET A CUSTOMER DO THE BRIEFING… I DO IT!!! This is how I presented my case. I said…this doll rings up for $29.99, and THE STICKER THATS ON THE DOLL SAYS $29.00. When it didn’t ring up for the price “she said”, she went back and bought back a sticker that says “Green Jacket” and that is no where on the BOX of this DOLL that she wants to purchase. ( THEN SHE SPEAKS BLAH BLAH LIE) Then this person looked at it, then looked back at my line ( which was longer than the letters in Mississippi) and then said “GIVE IT TO HER”. SMHHHHH HUH.LOL ANYWAYYY




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