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I went back to work today since being off March 12, I had a great time in Atlanta with Neisha, but I was also so happy to see my co-workers. I LOVE my co-workers, I have never had a problem with anyone, and that’s what make my job that much easier. If I can get past the customers then I’m GOOD 🙂 LOL They were so HAPPY to see me, giving me lots of hugs and welcome backs……that just made my day. I hate attention…. but when I walked into the building LOVE WAS BEFORE ME…..and it made me feel so good. I just LOVE my Boss, we had a lot to talk about, she’s a Christian too, and we speak God’s language. She was happy to see me. My other Boss is also good people, and every month about 6-7 of us get together and go to a different restaurant to chat and have dinner, well at our last meeting, they all decided to wait until I got back from Georgia to have our gurls day.((((hugs to them))))) So tomorrow we’re going to dinner about 5 pm in Downtown Detroit. I’m excited to be with them again.

This is what I LOVE about my Bosses…… we can go to dinner, go out of town, go to a Barbecue, go out to a gathering, and still the NEXT DAY AT WORK….there is NO favoritism. My Bosses will still put me/us on a register that we don’t like LOL LOL LOL ….. AND I LOVE THAT ABOUT THEM…. At work its BUSINESS, and outside of work…. its play. My Bosses keep it real, 100% ALL OF THE TIME…. I’m older than them all, and I still call them Ms.( name).

Earlier today I was just sitting here thinking about how my Raisingurls from the first Season are doing. I see many of them and they have graduated from High School, in College and a few have children now. They still call me for advice, and today my niece came over, she has a job now, and she was telling me that my group has helped her out so much as far as working with the public, her attitude, and how to be a young lady at all times. She gave me a big hug and it really touched me. Sometimes I felt it went in one ear and out of another * while in the sessions*, but today she could have told me everything I said. It amazed me how much she remembered and how she uses those tools I taught in her life today. When I was in Atlanta looking at apartments, the school bus came up in the gated community and dropped the children off, and when I saw all of those kids getting off the bus, I was saying to Neisha ….. ALL OF THESE KIDS ARE GOING TO KNOW ME!!! LOL LOL My eyes lit up like a Christmas Tree. I was so happy to see that kids live in the community. I love kids, and I have even thought about adopting 1 or 2 of them. When I was there, I went to see The Covenant house of Georgia and took photos. I hope to work there someday, or even 2 other Foundations… as long as I’m working with kids. Out of all the things I can do or learn to do in this life, especially with my personality…. God has called me to do this work . This is my calling. I am reading this book, and this is what it says: God-given gifts are the skills a person performs without formal training. Although training and education may help to perfect our skills, they are readily recognized prior to the training.


When I get to Atlanta…..there is NO stopping me….


Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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