I’m tired….

So…. I’m home from Atlanta. I had a wonderful time. I have a lot to be Thankful for. LOTSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS 🙂

Anyway…… I noticed that Georgia folks drive differently than we Michiganders. We have a need for speed….and here’s why? We have only 3 lanes on I-94, our rodes are really only busy when we have concerts or its rush hour. We are VERY IMPATIENT people. We don’t like to wait, we have to go now…and that’s funny. Because I LOVE TO DRIVE…..I can drive for hours and hours and hours, give me 3 Ipods * I have 3* and its ON. But in Georgia, the rodes are so BUSY, that they don’t have enough space to pick up speed. They are always bumper to bumper, and when they need to switch lanes….THEY SWITCH LANES. LOL LOL LOL LOL They rarely turn on their blinkers, if they see opportunity to get over, they will take it. They will get over in the tightest spots, but do that here in Detroit…… that is considered DISRESPECTFUL to the HIGHEST POWER. At first I was like “WTH…. dat nicka didn’t even put his blinkers on….. he just got ova”. LOL After a while, I just started getting ova too…..but I  used my blinkers. Detroit people will have a hard time driving in the ATL traffic, we get upset and will find it hard to deal . To me it seems as if they’re use to it there. Here, it takes no time to find yourself doing 80-85 on the highway….. and all that sudden switching lanes they do there, they can neverrrrrr get away with it here. We will chase you down, and mean mug you. LOL

I see now why the people in Georgia can NEVER drive in SNOW. They have too many hills and those people will KILL THEMSELVES . LOL They hit the breaks hard whenever they went up or down a hill. LOL LOL LOL Woo, so funny. Now add snow and ice to the rodes, man I see why they call a STATE  EMERGENCY when they get a inch of snow… some of those people drive ways were like hills. I will NEVER drive up or down that baby…. I’ll walk. If it snows that is pure ICE…. I wonder how many people try to drive anyway?How could you stop? That was scary just thinking about it. LOL Its a trip that we are that different, but we are all people and God loves us.

I’m tired…. talked with my sistergurl from Virginia today…. Quetta. I wanted to see my ATL friends and family. San, Big San, Tasha, Ms Betty, Monica,TEARSA TEARSA TEARSA * <—mygurl*, Rubie, and JOANN…..But I didn’t want to turn it into a family/friend trip… that’s later. Business called…. and so it was.

Alright, I’m tired….. got lots of Business to take care of tomorrow as well. Be Blessed..


Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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