Think Like A Man…

Think Like a Man was really good.

In my late 20’s and early 30’s…… I use to play serious mind games. It had gotten so bad with me, that I RETIRED!!! I just can’t….. It takes so much energy to keep up with all that mess…. BUT at the same time it was fun.

I come to realize that the MEN of 2012…. are different. They deal with so many different women, that when a person who wants to be “just friends” come along, they don’t recognize it. Now, I know I’m the last one to talk because looking back at the MIND GAMES I played…. I have no room to even be typing this up. LOLOL But now that I’m “RETIRED”… may be time I DUST OFF MY SKILLS.

Of course it can be done in good taste. But I have become so “nice and so sweet”, that maybe I’m getting back all the things I’ve done. Let me be clear, I always know when to fall back, and I never get to personal. I’m finding that some MEN, like to chase….. in my mind I’m like what’s the point of that? Well, I guess you only chase what you like. Speaking of which. …….

Today at work I was working the Credit Card table, when this guy came in the store with his mom…. she was an older lady. When WE first laid eyes on each other… OMG what a stare off!!! His eyes hypnotized me. He could NOT turn his head or blink his eyes…..and neither could THATGURLTHEYCALLCREE… LOLOL. It was so intense. So, finally I turned my head,*saying to myself DANG LOL LOL* ….he’s good looking. He smiled at me, but he didn’t say a word. He just kept STARING at me. So, at this point, I’m like dang……is he a little slow, or deaf? His mother was talking to me, but he was staring like he wanted something….not sure what tho. SO, they finally walked away….. I was checking him out until they were out of sight.

Came time for me to leave for the day, as I was turning in my paper work, they were in line. When he saw me…. we just locked eyes AGAIN. This time I was standing up and he was staring at me so LONG AND HARD…AND SO INTENSE that all I could do was follow suit. This time…… I stared him down, we did this for at least 2 minutes. Customers and MY COWORKERS were looking like CREE… LOL LOL LOL LOL, and no matter how I tried to turn my head, he would not break away. Then his mother said….. My Son is looking for a wife!!! I was like O O O OOOO OKAY. LOL LOL LOL Finally after that we broke our stares. HE smiled that GERALD LEVERT SMILE and BABBBBY…. I almost crumbled to pieces. I said… see why you making me smile like this? Not to mention I wasn’t even CUTE today. I need my brows done, hair freshly perm, and my LASHES… I asked him what was his sign…… He smiled and said LIBRA……* looks away* I hope to see him again….I’m sure I will.

Even tho I have *RETIRED* from MIND GAMES….. I think I”ll just have a little fun * WINK*

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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