I’m waiting for MYSELF ….Crees Blog

I guess I have a lot on my mind today LOL, sometimes I just don’t feel like talking on the phone or texting. Oh speaking of texting. I’m making a promise to MYSELF a person whom I LOVE DEARLY…..that I’m going to cut 80% down on doing that. There is too much miscommunication when it comes to texting AND EMAIL. I went back over some emails I had written to my family and friends…. and wow, I can’t believe the response I got, just by them misunderstanding what I was saying. Also, there were emails that I blew up on just because I thought the person was meaning it another way. I don’t like that one bit. That happened today with me and my bestfriend. I had to clear it up before I went any further. See, when you’re in person, you can see and feel the Spirit that the person is speaking from, versus emails and text. I don’t like it one bit, my words are too important to get confused with. So, for now on, I’m going to cut down on the emails and text, if I can’t see you in person to talk about something serious. OH WELL… wont be said by me. And see I know me…. I will mess around and NOT LIKE YOU ANYMORE… PERIOD.

I was going through my TIMELINE of blog entries and noticed that I haven’t done any on relationships or friendships in a long time. And its funny because that’s been my main topic with several friends of mine lately. I’m just going to jump right into it because there is so much to cover, so I’ll probably write a series of these.

Why are MEN showing a lot of insecurities? I believe that many of them have met plenty and many of women in their lives, and maybe they have damaged some of these men. Maybe they aren’t sure of the kind of woman they’re getting into. I’m seeing many of them resorting to MIND GAMES… and in the end…..its them that’s getting their mind blown.
There is this guy I know. I met him several years back in the early 90’s. Well, about 5 years ago, I saw him again at my job. I didn’t know who he was because he had lost so much weight. I gave him my number and after talking a few times, he asked me did I know who he was? And I said NO…… who are you, have we met before? Then when he told me…. I said OH NO…. I cant talk to you in that kinda way, because you use to talk to someone I know. He said that he was afraid of me saying that, but he knew he had to tell me. I was really shock, and even though I didn’t see him often, this person who he was dating back then would tell me all about the times they had together. So he is TOTALLY OFF LIMITS. Since I have had the same phone number for almost 11 years, he called me the other day. I was shocked to hear from him and brush him off the phone. My thoughts are……. why does a man still continue to call when you have told them that you are not interested? Does he hope that YOU would change my mind? What goes through a mans mind on a situation like this? Its obvious that I’m still on his mind… am I missing something? I ask myself…. would I date him if I had not known someone from his past? Hmmm.

Why are people afraid of rejection? A lot of men and women are afraid of hearing the word No. I have never been afraid of that personally. No means No. Why do people take that to heart so much. You cant hear Yes all the time. Its okay if someone tells you No. In order to really get what I’m saying you have to be a person that stands for the Truth. Some people were hardly ever told No when they were growing up as kids, and so when they reach the teen years and adult years, they are finding that they have to interact with other people in life and those people * like me* will tell them NO in a heartbeat, and trust me …..they are NOT FEELING THAT. LOL So, if you are one of those people…. understand that things will not always go your way…. its okay.

I was about to punch out for work today, and this guy asked me where the rest rooms were. As I was telling him he said to me…… are you married? I said… yes * lord forgive me* he said well if you were 10 pounds HEAVIER I would slip you my number anyway. LOL LOL LOL Man…. I’m already heavy!!!! LOL Classic. I promise my personality brings to me all kinds of people. LOL

So…. my mom is retiring in less than 2 weeks……. and its her Birthday. She wants me to plan a gathering. I get to see all of my family. YEAH!!!

When I move to Georgia * soon yes*… its going to be all about La’Crease J. Walker. I don’t want to meet new friends, I don’t want to talk to anyone. I don’t want to listen to anybody’s problems. I don’t want to plan anything. I don’t want to cook for anyone. I don’t want to DO NOBODY BUT ME. I’m not talking on the phone to folks. If you want me FIND ME. My fears are gone about moving, the ball is rolling and I’m about to LIVE THE LIFE THAT I SING/DREAM ABOUT, I’m about to turn the heat up on folks, I’m about to be the person that I stepped back from being. I have too. I’m waiting for MYSELF * tears*

Be Blessed

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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