BATHROOMThis is the sign that hangs over the toilet in the bathroom connected to the kitchen area in the High School that I work in. Even though I do not work in the kitchen, I often use this bathroom because it’s in the area that I do work. Pay attention to the word “OUR”.

One day last week, all the workers were gone home for the day except for me and one of the kitchen workers. I was sitting in the washroom area checking my emails when one of the kitchen workers told me that I couldn’t sit in that area. As I was leaving, I asked her did she mind me using the bathroom which was connected to the washroom I was sitting in. She said to me.. ” yeah, you can use it, but you have to ask my boss if you can use it again”. I said to her okay and went to use it. When I came out of the bathroom, I went to her and I said… “is it a problem for me and others who don’t work back here to use this bathroom”? She said… ” well you have to ask my boss”. I said asked your boss? For it to even be a issue and question, it must had been discussed in the past. She said.. No, just ask my boss tomorrow. I said I WILL! I was SO MAD!!!

I went home and thought about it… I said I’m not asking anybody anything!! I’ll just go to the bathroom up the hall for now on. In my mind I’m saying ” I don’t have time for that petty stuff. Asking people can I use “their” bathroom is TIME CONSUMING, AND TOO MUCH ENERGY. I refuse to put my mind in minor stuff like that. I can’t.

The very next day, as soon as soon as I came into work that day “her boss” came to me, * I KNEW the lady was going to tell it before I did anyway, had I decided* she said Sunshine * they call me sunshine because they say I bring the sun to work everyday.* She said ****** told me that you asked about using the bathroom, she said I don’t know why she act like that, anybody can use that bathroom, this bathroom is not ours. I said okay… Thank you and explained that I wasn’t going to mention it to her. She said you and anyone can use it.

So, I said okay. This lady is trying to make a big deal out of nothing. I have watched her tell TEACHERS WE CLOSED UP FOR THE DAY… being real mean to them. If they came into the lunch room and ask for a plate she tells them NO… we aren’t allowed to give them out. If they ask for a .50 water and have money, if its in the refrigerator and she’s in one of her moods, she’ll tell them NO. Its so awful how she talks and treats people. She’s not the boss, but she’s been there a while, and there are so many people upset with her. She has to catch the bus from work and the kids pick with her at the bus stop, throwing stuff at her and talking smart. She’ll come to work the next day talking about it. She’s SO SO SO SO MEAN TO THE STUDENTS. … they made her cry at the bus stop. I sat up and thought about how everyday she come in MEAN and tell us about all the things NOT GOING her way in her life.

I knew that when I saw her and looked her dead in the eye the next day, that she was going to have that “funny as” look on her face. For one, she doesn’t know me well, and don’t know which way I’m coming from. I looked at her SMILED and said GOOD MORNING *her name*. She was shocked, she don’t know the GOD in me saves her and others from my past ways. Because I KNOW…. had this been a back in the day incident I would terrorize her with my mean looks … LIKE SHE DOES THE STAFF AND STUDENTS. I don’t like that at all. But here’s what I found out about her, just by studying her behavior.

At home she has ABSOLUTELY no POWER……that’s another story. When she comes to work, she grabs her position and she HOLDS ON TO IT. When a student ask for a simple carton of milk, she tells them NO… and that’s a POWER MOVE for her. She has the YES OR NO in her possession, and she loves the reaction she gets from her NO’S. She, like many people, who feel that they are losing control…. enjoys having the say so to things they normally wouldn’t have POWER and CONTROL over. This is her time to have POWER. She enjoys and lives for this moment for people to get mad and upset with her * and not care* because she, in HER MIND is making sure nobody gets anything extra, make sure all the plates are going to the students only and not teachers and their private needs, if the kitchen is closed she proudly says NO. Thing is, she has the POWER to give these things. And she knows it. Anything and everything in that KITCHEN BELONGS TO THOSE STUDENTS, MATTER OF FACT EVERYTHING IN THE SCHOOL BELONGS TO THE STUDENTS!!!

The point I’m making…. give up the POWER people. Listen, what really do you own? There are people who have money, fame, friends, but there is always an area where they can’t control. If a man have all these things, and can’t have the woman he wants, he will try everything in his POWER to get her. A person who wants POWER will do anything to make sure things go their way. Even if they have to kill, steal, be mean and manipulate the situations. When you give up POWER to things you want to control, it may seem like you are losing control of your life. Having POWER only makes you grip tighter to things you don’t need to hold on to anyway. Let it go.

Last month was Teachers Appreciation week. A few kitchen workers were the FIRST ONES going in the food area grabbing a plate to eat * but do them so wrong* before the teachers even knew the food was there. The principal came in and said…… “someone ( another teacher) make sure the teachers eat first, this is for them.” Some people got offended. My thing is this….it’s for the TEACHERS… people got mad hahaha this wasn’t their function to CONTROL THIS TIME. I sat there with my legs crossed and said to myself…. THANK YOU LORD FOR MY TRUCK being outside, and for having a credit card FULL OF MONEY, and cash in my purse to go and buy MY OWN FOOD when I get off. Thank you Lord for having my own, to where there are angry people and mad people in here….. I AM FULL OF JOY for what you already done for me. At the end of the day, the TEACHERS didn’t eat all the FOOD AND THEY THREW IT IN THE GARBAGE!!!!! Kitchen workers wasn’t allowed to eat it~ POWER ….the teachers didn’t want it, POWER….SMH THE GARBAGE ATE GOOD THAT DAY. 😦   🙂


Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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