Its all in your approach… Cree’s Blog Entry

ImageI’m doing my best to teach this generation of kids to learn how to communicate. Showing RESPECT and Communication is one of my biggest things in life.
When I was growing up, I was really shy and was scared to ask for what I wanted. When my aunt came over and I needed a few dollars for school, I would beg my mother to ask her for the money. But my aunt would say all the time, “what ever you want, ask for it yourself “. That just petrified me. I found out that people who are afraid of asking, are most likely scared to hear “No”. It taught me that no matter what the answer is, to always open up my mouth and ask.
One day recently my student came up to me and asked me to ask the lunch lady could she get a ranch dressing for her salad. I told her that if she wanted one she had to go and ask herself. She said …. she’s going to say NO. I asked her… did she give you one to start, she said that she forgot to get it. I said to her, well you have every right to want one, and to receive one. I said look baby.. ITS ALL IN YOUR APPROACH. I said now, she’s not looking over here, because she’s talking to someone. I said here is what you do, TO GET WHAT YOU NEED AND WANT…. First of all, NEVER approach anyone NEEDING something with an attitude. I told her to check her facial expression, body language, and tone of voice before she walks up to her. Know what you want, be direct to the point, and use less words as possible. I told her to smile, and say excuse me giving eye contact to them both as a form of respect. This is a way to attract the attention and respect of them both, and it also makes you seem as a person of interest…… they want to know what’s going to come out of your mouth. She followed my advice to the tee, made a new friend with the lunch lady because of the RESPECT she showed them both, and her request was an easy one.
Teach your children RESPECT AND COMMUNICATION… it goes a long way, and they’ll most likely get many of the things they want and need in life.
Be Blessed
Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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