My “Cree’s” Ramblings…. Cree’s Blog Entry

ImageOk so, I am extremely bored tonight. Today has been one of those days where it rained all day, and there’s no sun. I slept for several hours and its almost 2 am and I am outta my mind with nothing to do. LOL
I love watching T.I. and the family hustle. I adore his family and the way he communicate with his kids, and I can just keep little major until he becomes a teenager. I’m still mad at Kelly Price for how she talk to that man, and how she bought her Vaseline, timbos, and razor for Chant’e Moore. That bothered me.
I was just listening to an interview Spike Lee did today, and he said that he and Tyler Perry are cool. And that’s good news to hear. Because I have MAD MAD MAD Love for Spike Lee and of course Tyler Perry and to be honest, they are my favorite filmmakers and to see them go at it disappoints me. Especially in public. I DO NOT like that at all. But what ever conversation they had in private, I’m happy that they can respect each others work, and keep it moving. Because even in a friendship its always something you wont like, but that doesn’t mean to diss the person. I agree Spike and Tyler have love for filmmaking, but their work is from two different backgrounds. I can relate to them both. Spike Lee has a weird way of telling a story that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE because I get it. I watch his movies and have the ability to go inside his head and understand exactly what he is relating to his audience. I get the messages. I especially love his signature way of shooting a scene on a “ground train” where he’s close up.
I love Tyler Perry’s simple way of telling a story that speaks my language. I feel its a disrespect to others work when someone publicly mention it in a negative light. I don’t eat cheese, but I’m not going to get on TV, write in a blog, boycott, or write a book asking people why do they support KRAFT. What you don’t like keep it moving.
Oh well, I guess I’ll listen to my ipod and go to sleep on the music. LOL
Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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