Four Weddings and a Beautiful Note….Cree’s Blog Entry

na prettySo, I’m watching Four Weddings… and I am horrified that I don’t have a theme for my wedding. I am so NOT creative at all… well I don’t feel as if I am. I would definitely need a wedding planner….but what would I tell her I like? Gosh that’s kinda spooky for a woman not to know what her theme would be. Guess I really never thought about it… marriage either. Maybe because I’m not in a relationship, because when you’re in one, you KNOW what you want and how you see you and your husband on your special day. 

I do know that I LOVE roses. I love GREEN.. I LOVE CAKE.. and it will NOT be a cake full of fillings and bouffant.It has to be BUTTER CREAM ICING. lol I want lots of Bridesmaids… Hmmm let’s see…. Gloria, Charlene, Sherry, Neishia, Darcella, Vikki, Shann, and Tammy oh my goodness… no room for the grooms sister/cousins.. gotta stop there. LOL And my Matron of Honor would be my Sister Yolanda.  And my Maid of Honor would be my Sister Peedie. Speaking of Yolanda… here is what she posted on my FB page (((tears))). 

Lacrease Walker, I, Yolanda Pippen, just want to say that you have had the biggest influence on my life. When we were little, I wanted to be just like you, my oldest sister. I liked the things you liked (peanut butter) and disliked the things you disliked (eggs, butter, and Oatmeal – yuk!). The most important thing that I learned from you was that attitude is everything in this world. My attitude was so poor that you had to remind me that as beautiful as I was, my bad attitude over shadowed my beauty. You reminded me that every time the lion in me reared its ugly head, I was being bitterly mean and our parents didn’t raise us that way. I am so greatful and thankful to you for teaching me how to let GOD’s Love shine through me – I Love you with all my heart big sister, and I hope you have the best birthday in the world! Happy 46th Birthday ~Na ~ (yeah I put your age – lol)   (((((((photo is my sister yolanda)))))))))))
Be Blessed
Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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