Everything has Seasons………….Crees Blog Entry



Today, Lacrease, we believe God wants you to know that …

everything has seasons.

What you are struggling with the most right now is in its winter season. Spring will come soon enough. What brings you most happiness is in its summer season. Fall will come soon enough. Live wise in this understanding.



Its true that everything has seasons. I am truly living in one of them now. But with God on my mind….days are moving along just fine. What I do to stay positive in times like these is to read my bible, I love watching Bible stories, I do online bible quizzes, I pray, I listen to sermons, play gospel music. And most importantly… surround myself with positive people. Listening to positive stories always uplift my Spirit.


I’m so excited about the things to come….. Yea Cree 🙂


Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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