May 21-Day Challenge Update……. (((((Blog)))))

change the way i think

So…. yesterday was the last day of the May 21 Day Challenge. I have lost a total of 10 pounds!!! Yeaaa Cree! I have decided to keep going. I really love the fact that I can get into these Capri’s that I bought several years ago, as a matter of fact when I put them on today they slid down my waist. LOL My attitude was oh well…. I have no problem in being out of them just as quick as I got into them.

I love this challenge because it forces to me to be conscience of everything I put in my mouth. To be honest, right now I don’t miss the Pepsi’s, the chocolate, fast food, candy, ice cream, cookies, juice. Today I went down to the store in the lobby and I looked at a snickers, and said wow, I know I would have picked you up if it wasn’t for this challenge, thing is… you are one of my emotions. I eat snickers, reese cups and chunkys when I’m in thinking mode. Same way with food. I don’t even need it , especially when I don’t crave it. I just see it and want it. Now I look at that stuff and stand there and think on WHY… why would I chose you? Its never because I want it, but because its there and available.



I have learned quite a lot about myself during this time. When I work out, I count backwards. Yes, it simple, but usually the counting in my head drives me nuts.. So when I count, I start with 100 and work the numbers up to 1. I get so pumped as I’m getting to the last numbers to start another exercise. Before when I would do the normal 1,2,3,4,.. in my mind I’m like… hurry up 35-50 or whatever I’m counting to!!! LOL Its amazing how differently you can see food, when you FOCUS on it. Emotional eaters see food as comfort. A go – to type of thing. I eat to feed my thoughts. When I have ideas and great thoughts and solutions… I’ll over eat dinner and kill it on deserts. When I feel depressed or down…. I never eat. If during that time, its been a while since I had something to eat, I’ll come to a conclusion that everything will work itself out, then I’ll eat just from those “comforting thoughts”. It’s deep.
I have a lot to share, and plan to do so as time go on.

Be Blessed
Listen to yourself and in that quietude you might hear the voice of God. –

Dr. Maya Angelou

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