May 21-Day Challenge Update……. (((((Blog)))))

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So…. yesterday was the last day of the May 21 Day Challenge. I have lost a total of 10 pounds!!! Yeaaa Cree! I have decided to keep going. I really love the fact that I can get into these Capri’s that I bought several years ago, as a matter of fact when I put them on today they slid down my waist. LOL My attitude was oh well…. I have no problem in being out of them just as quick as I got into them.

I love this challenge because it forces to me to be conscience of everything I put in my mouth. To be honest, right now I don’t miss the Pepsi’s, the chocolate, fast food, candy, ice cream, cookies, juice. Today I went down to the store in the lobby and I looked at a snickers, and said wow, I know I would have picked you up if it wasn’t for this challenge, thing is… you are one of my emotions. I eat snickers, reese cups and chunkys when I’m in thinking mode. Same way with food. I don’t even need it , especially when I don’t crave it. I just see it and want it. Now I look at that stuff and stand there and think on WHY… why would I chose you? Its never because I want it, but because its there and available.



I have learned quite a lot about myself during this time. When I work out, I count backwards. Yes, it simple, but usually the counting in my head drives me nuts.. So when I count, I start with 100 and work the numbers up to 1. I get so pumped as I’m getting to the last numbers to start another exercise. Before when I would do the normal 1,2,3,4,.. in my mind I’m like… hurry up 35-50 or whatever I’m counting to!!! LOL Its amazing how differently you can see food, when you FOCUS on it. Emotional eaters see food as comfort. A go – to type of thing. I eat to feed my thoughts. When I have ideas and great thoughts and solutions… I’ll over eat dinner and kill it on deserts. When I feel depressed or down…. I never eat. If during that time, its been a while since I had something to eat, I’ll come to a conclusion that everything will work itself out, then I’ll eat just from those “comforting thoughts”. It’s deep.
I have a lot to share, and plan to do so as time go on.

Be Blessed
Listen to yourself and in that quietude you might hear the voice of God. –

Dr. Maya Angelou

21 Day Challenge Update- R&B Divas ((((((Blog)))))))

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Angie Stone got on my nerves tonight on R&B Divas. She was out of order to call that gurl on stage like that when she KNOWSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS how she feels about singing right now. That is so disrespectful to her art as an entertainer, and as a person and friend.

When I was having my Teen group meetings, I knew the personality of all my gurls. I knew who would answer my questions, who would shy away, who would talk too long, who would want to help me every week, and so on. True enough as a leader it is my job to help get them out of their comfort zones, but I also believe that its a way of doing it. Putting people on the spot making them beg and plead for you to PLEASE take the spot light off them, is so wrong. I would have turned all of Angie’s tables over at that party, trying to put me on the spot like that * jp*. She pissed me off. I don’t like being put on the spot, and it bothered me to see LaTavia on it. That gurl begged her, swearing to God and everything for mercy…. ooooo that bothers me.

Some folks in my life feel that since I have such a huge personality that I feel like doing stuff all the time. I like to sit back in the corner with my hat over my face too. When the waitress come to the table.. I don’t like to be the one doing the talking to set the atmosphere. I like to bury my head in the menu like everybody else when they’re asked what will they be ordering. I like to chill too.. and people who know me.. KNOW THAT.. SO….. for Angie to do that while that gurl clearly had on her ” not right now, don’t go there look” on her face…. was wrong… Um um that wasn’t right.

Angie only did it because the gurl showed up late for her Birthday Party. She didn’t look like she wanted to be there any oleway. Who could blame her, when she’s feeling that she’s NOT READY TO PERFORM YET.. What is so hard about that to understand? If that was me.. I would have gave Angie Stone the look of JUDGEMENT DAY HOUR… I don’t play that. At some point you FALL BACK. Enough of that, because I’m getting mad.

Day 14 of the 21 May Challenge and I lost a total of 7 pounds!!!!! That time flew by. I love the change in my eating. I love not having the Pepsi’s… I love how I see a few of my issues with food. I sat down today and paid attention as I ate breakfast and dinner. I GET FULL FAST… I was full after a few minutes into my meal. BUT GET THIS…… I HAVE IGNORED that full feeling.. because I HAVE TOLD MYSELF FOR SO MANY YEARS….. ” YOU JUST STARTED EATING”… how could you be full? I have ignored that warning for so long that I have stretched my stomach overeating. WOW ISN’T THAT A HUGE GREAT BREAKTHROUGH? SO guess what I did when I got full? I got up and put the rest down the garbage disposal. I did hesitate, because guess why? I’m SO USE TO EATING EVERYTHING ON MY PLATE. WOW WOW WOW Something we all learned as a kid.

Okay! So, now that I know that……can’t wait until tomorrow, where I will monitor it again. I have to learn to stop eating whenever I feel full, no matter how much I’ve eaten. I can always grab an apple, or a fruit in between meals IF I FEEL HUNGRY again. I have to learn that. I HAVE TOO. I also learned that what ever I put on my plate the first time, I WILL EAT IT UP… That’s gonna stop. I have to learn portion control. I HAVE TOO. So now I have to be mindful of my portions. I hardly ever go back for seconds, because I’m so busy filling up the first time. This explains why I get full fast when I eat spaghetti.. and everything else I eat.. …..hmmmm. Wow!

I use to be able to eat a Big Mac Meal with fries and pop. For the last 5 years… all I can eat is a hamburger. N O W I K N O W WHY!!!!! I ignored it. The only thing that I’ve been drinking is WATER WATER WATER. Its not even like I’m drinking my water after each bite. I wait until I’m completely done eating before I take a drink. Which means I really get full fast.

Alright now, off to bed!
Be Blessed


Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

21-Day Challenge Update/Run- BEYONCE * yes*/(((((((((BLOG)))))))))



Today, I took my mommy for a ride. She loves to sit on the passenger side and just enjoy the view. And I….. love to drive. One day… I want to take her to Chicago for a weekend or something. She wouldn’t like the long drive to Atlanta or Florida that I want to take her on because of her legs. They need to stretch on a regular. That’s cool. We had a good time today.

I’m doing good on this Challenge. I ate tuna for breakfast, lunch and dinner… with some chips * salt* and bottles of water. I’m not a chip eater, I have to be in a mood for it, but for some reason when I eat tuna… the chips make me “throw water down my throat” and if a few chips will do that, when I would never just buy them….. then I’ll take them. I love chocolate covered peanuts, ice cream and Pillsbury Chocolate Chip Cookies. Yall can come get these chips. LOL LOL

Alright about to go to bed!!! But before I go.. .here is the Trailer *my daughter* Beyonce dropped tonight for ON THE RUN…. I LOVE THE BONNIE AND CLYDE THEMES… LOVE IT


Be Blessed

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

21 Day -Challenge Updates/Women * get it together* ((((((BLOG))))))




Its day 9 into the 21- Day May Challenge, and I lost a total of 6 pounds!!! Yeaaa. I’ve been drinking lots and lots of water, no juice or pop. For the last few days I’ve been eating strawberries and kiwi. Surprisingly, lots of corn on the cob and raw broccoli out of the bag too. OOO, its so good. I have a bag of apples I have yet to touch. I have to be in a mood for apples and oranges and when I do, I go weeks having it for breakfast daily. I must have ice cold water, I keep them in the freezer. So, yeah I’ll keep updating, it seems to help me on this journey.

Yesterday I was watching ID and wow, there are so many gullible women out there. We have to do better with meeting men, because after 4 weeks declaring that its okay to move them in is not cool. If a man or woman don’t have themselves together, stop trying to date them. Let them get on their feet first. A real man or woman wouldn’t even want to start a relationship until they get themselves in order. By the time the woman realize the “nothing nut” aint no good, he has gotten so comfortable that he doesn’t want to leave. Then the kids are involved and its a big ole mess. Stop being so needy!!! This is one thing that kills me about women. Instead of enjoying peace in your own place, some rather move in a man so that they can “watch” them, make sure they’re not cheating. Its hard to keep watch on a married man these days, so stop trying to keep it on a 4 week old “boyfriend”.

These days people feel pressured to do something, to fit in with what everybody else is doing. Stay in your own lane, do your own thang. Stop always looking over seeing what others are doing, just to desire if for yourself. Now if it motivates you do it… but be your own woman.

Be Blessed
Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy