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Yea, Im silly!! LOL Here are so fun quizzes to do. The link is at the bottom. Check out mines.

You Are
You are passionate, sassy, and downright fiery. You are a total go-getter. You go at everything full force. At work, you are serious and intense. At play, you are the life of the party. You are the brightest bulb in the room. People find you inspiring, and you always know how to lead. You are a super star, but sometimes you burn too brightly. Cool off a little. Find some balance before you burn out.


You Are
You love to be around your friends, and you have a blast doing almost anything with them. You aren’t picky, and you’re happy to be a part of any outing. You can be content in a lot of different situations. You don’t get bored easily, and when you do feel bored, you do your best to entertain yourself. There’s plenty in this world to keep you busy. Others consider you to have a great personality, and you are quite lighthearted. You are extremely easy to get along with.


You Judge People Based On
on Experience
You think you know human nature pretty well. You’ve lived long enough to know what kind of people to stay away from. On the flip side, you know what kind of people you click with. You find it easy to bond with certain strangers. While you tend to be right about people, sometimes you will dislike someone too quickly for having minor character flaws. Give new people more of a chance. You can keep strangers at arm’s length, but don’t write them off right away!

You Should
Keep Calm and Carry On
You think the world would be a better place if we reflected more and reacted less. Not every action deserves a reaction. You would love to see a more contemplative planet, and you’re doing your part by promoting thoughtfulness in yourself and others.

You Are
You are a natural protector and nurturer of everyone and everything you care about. You make sure everything is good. You have your priorities set right, and you put your energy into what matters most. You value your friends and family.

You Are
A Creative Dreamer
You dream big, and you often are willing to think of ideas that others wouldn’t dare dream about. You don’t just think outside the box – you’re not even aware of the box being there! You can solve problems that other people think are impossible. You always explore all options. Where others see nothing, you see possibilities. For you, the world is rich with potential.

You Are
You are resilient, hopeful, and inspiring. You have a lot of emotional, physical, and mental energy. You nurture and nourish yourself. You know that you need fulfillment and downtime if you want to be your best. You stay present in every moment. You don’t allow yourself to be distracted or flustered. You appreciate the life you have been given. You embrace all that is beautiful in the world.


You Are
When you’re confronted with a problem, you slow down and assess exactly what is going on. You don’t want to act too quickly, but you will act when you know the coast is clear. You believe that going too fast and going too slow can be equally damaging. You aim to end up somewhere in the middle between recklessness and stagnation.

You Are
The Sense of Sound
You love to talk, but you also love to listen. You are simply a natural conversationalist. You can have a deep conversation that lasts for hours and come out of it feeling energized. You have a good ear for foreign languages and accents of all sorts. You can imitate people quite well. You also are a huge lover of music. You probably love music more than most people you know.

You Are
You are a very smart person, and you are happiest when you’re learning something new. You’re interested in so many things, and you feel like there’s always more to discover. You’re very curious. You believe that knowledge is empowerment. You do your best not to be ignorant about anything. You are well read and continually adding to your database of information. You never stop learning.

Copy and paste the link below to take the quizzes.


Listen to yourself and in that quietude you might hear the voice of God. – Dr. Maya Angelou 

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