I’m done!………(((((Blog)))))

Today was one of those days where people just got on my nerves with stupid stuff. If you’re not going to use your mind …. I’m not mad at you at all…. but I refuse to use my brain juice up , and I still have many hours before bed time. Nope aint gon happen! I hate being so nice some times. I about to cut all of that out. I know people who will LIE and swear they are going to get back with you on certain things, LIE about situations and stories. I’m done with them. I’m convinced in order to live in this life right now, I have to go back to my old ways…. DON’T GIVE A FORK!! I’m just tired of being nice, smiling and being different. Some people want you to nut up on them. They want to purposely come into your life and hold you up.  Seems like the only way I can make it in this world is to be the old LACREASE. Thing is I care, but when I, LaCrease Walker, stop caring…..its gon get ugly. This me…. starts NOW!

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