LOVE is not a POWER STRUGGLE ……(((((BLOG)))))




I had a wonderful last few days. Sometimes you just gotta make moves in order to feel good about yourself or a certain situation. There is nothing wrong with it either.

There’s this guy that I’ve been feeling for a long time that I get to see daily. I pay attention to consistency in a man. This person is the same every time I see him. He always have a pleasantness about him that I just love. He doesn’t even have to say much, he’s a doer. He’s one of those type of guys that enjoys to cook and have family barbecues at his house, family or a park. I always admire that in a man. When he speaks I listen, he’s so interesting, so helpful. So sweet, so honest and truthful.

These days some MEN are motivated by having MONEY, BIGGER AND “BETTER”. Some will never enjoy life in a family way, because they’re too busy either chasing MONEY…. OR/AND OOOOS AND AHHH’S. Sad part is, many of them don’t know how to LOVE. They’ve never experienced real love, because they’re so busy trying to impress people. Real love is displayed by dinners, seeing each other, walks on the beach, good mornings and good nights. Spending time taking rides together, small talk between being busy. Communication, agreements, compromise and understanding Not POWER STRUGGLING, demanding, one way conversations, side talking, and broken ” I’ll get back to you in a moment” and never do situations. Be done with those types of BUMS.Catch them on JUDGEMENT DAY and not a hour before.

I come from a family who LOVE TO LOVE on each other. WOMEN KNOW YOUR WORTH!

Be Blessed

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