Dear Husband/BLOG

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Dear Husband,

Today was a good day. I watched Football, made chicken and fries…. nothing big. I did my hair and lashes… preparing for the week and whatever it brings.

For the last 2 years its been rough on me. Wow, never in a million years did I see my life today in this forecast. But I can’t ignore the fact that God has still kept me living and wanting for anything. If you only knew my story …. I’m still holding on to God’s hand, because there is more. And If I just stay focus on him… this all will come to pass. I’m looking forward to that sunny day.

Having Faith for these last few years…. whewwwww….. um um um…. has been a ride. But what keeps me in the race, is that I know God’s track record when it comes to my life. Sometimes I get so down in my Spirit.. that I have to pray the thoughts away. I would hate for him to Bless me in the way that he does * HUGE*.. then have flash backs of when I wanted to give up on him and everything else. I want to enjoy my Blessings knowing I waited and didn’t faint.

 Your Loving Wife

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