The truth hurts

At work yesterday, I was working the 12 items or less lane. It was crowded, its back to school, and people where buying up some stuff. Working the 12 items or less lane take some serious Patience to work that baby. I mean you got to have plenty of rest, have some snacks at your register, and plenty of scriptures in front of you, and engraved in your heart. lol You are ringing up people at a very fast pace, and when you are on a go you are on a go!
Let me tell you how its set up at our 12 items or less lane. There are 2 registers side by side, but its one line. And when one cashier is done ringing up, she/he will call NEXT in line and then the next person walks up. Well some people feel that since its 2 registers that its only one lane. That\’s cool and all. But when I look up AS you are walking up ( clearly taking cuts like everybody is invisible) to the register and I say to you \”ma\’am or sir\” there is only one line………that\’s what that mean! Then they have this look on their faces, and I say well you know how you are at the bank standing in line? Well that\’s how our line is one line but 2 cashiers. When I explain that to them, they get it, so I try to give them that example a lot.
Well, yesterday this black lady walked up to the register by passed everyyyyybody standing there and stood in line. So I said \”ma\’am its only one line and we call next when we are ready for the next customer.. She looks at me and get mad. So I looked at her saying to myself I know she aint mad. Then she says, well YALL NEED A SIGN UP SAYING ITS ONLY ONE LINE!!! My first reaction was to say, why would we need a sign to say one line, when all you have to do is notice that all these other people aint standing here for their health???? YOU DUMMY! But I didn\’t. So she goes and get in the line. But all while she is there she is staring at me. So after seeing here in the corner of my eye as I\’m ringing up customers, I finally looked back at her ( that\’s what she wanted any way) and she is looking hot! So I\’m still talking to my customers, like I normally do, being friendly. I looks back again, and see that she stopped my manager and she is looking at me telling her something. So now I\’m like NO SHE AINT talking to Sherrice ( asst manager). So after she do her \”telling\” on me. I say to myself, no she didn\’t call her self telling on me to my gurl! So I smiled a little laughing in my mind, cause I cant believe that she is mad because I told her that its only one line. So now its her turn, and I can tell that she wanted me to ring her up. But just as I was finishing the lady in front of her, the other cashier next to me called next, and as she was going over to her, she KEPT looking at me to look at her, she she walks pass me and says something. I SAID EVERYTHING YOU SAID IS IN JESUS NAME! AND SHE GOT MADDDDDDDDDDDD. Whew she was on fire. She was maddddddddddd at me!
I would not look at her either ( hehehe). She said this aint your store, you aint SAM, you are just a worker, you don\’t own this building, She was going off on me, and when I started talking to the customer that  Iwas ringing up ( as if she was talking to herself and was invisible) she finally shut her mouth. Cause it killed me to listen to her say all that mess.
See thats what I looooooooove about God. He will let you see your progress on how you use to be versus where you are now. Cause \”back in the day\” as she was staring at me like she was trying to intimidating me. I would  have looked back at her and had a 50 minute stare off without a wink or blink, told her that we could do this all day and night babbbbbbbbbeeeee cause I am on the clock getting paid for it. And all that time she was saying YOU AINT SAM, THIS AINT YOUR STORE! I would have ate her alive with that remark. But it felt good to say In JESUS Name, and kept on doing my work. I think being quiet is better than running off at the mouth. Just for me to know that I can hold my tongue ( thank you Jesus) felt sooooooo good.
When I got home and thought about it: She would rather see it on paper saying that its only one line, then for me to tell her with my own mouth the same exact thang. Which leads me to wonder, was she more embarrassed ( I don\’t know why, WHO GETS Embarrassed OVER THE TRUTH?) because she had to walk to the back of the line, or does she hate to be corrected? I\’ll never know. One thing is for sure,  some people  just don\’t like for you to tell them the truth.
And you know what? I don\’t even care!
Hear me, you who know what is right, you people who have my law in your hearts: Do not fear the reproach of men or be terrified by their insults. Isaiah 51:7 NIV

2 Replies to “The truth hurts”

  1. girl stop play-n…i am not where you are i still have a lot of hell in me.. so tell me where you work and i am on my way..



    I’m so good at seeing you and NOT SEEING YOU she would have been mad at me too. People hate when you ignore them when they reallyyy want you to look at them. LOL.

    When I was working at a store when there was a sale and you know there are limits per family… on certain items, (Limit of 3.) People will try and get a total of 9 and have two other people purchase the other 6 after they pay for their 3. Then they’ll all try to use the same debit/credit card or pass them the $ to pay for it. Using one cart… and the supervisors/managers are watching you telling you LIMIT OF 3 PER FAMILY. ONE CART IS ONE FAMILY… THE SAME METHOD OF PAYMENT IS ONE FAMILY. I like to eat… So they can get fussy if they want, I’m not loosing my job because you “can’t” have it the way they like it.

    If they owned a business they would want their employees to follow their rules. There are rules everywhere you go… There are times people just try to get over as if the rules do not apply to them.


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