Quick Question! Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
What\’s up family? Well, its the Holiday Weekend and your gurl Cre gotta go to work in few. Im off tomorrow where I am going over to my Sister\’s-n-laws family house. They are so fun! We have a ball when we get together for Holiday\’s! So that\’s where I\’ll be.
But before you go and get back to preparing things for your weekend. I want to ask you this: Would you say that you are a person who brings out the best or worse in a person?
Let me explain why I ask you this question? There will be people in your life who brings out the monster in you, even when they don\’t understand it themselves. You can be in a perfectly good mood and a certain someone will ALWAYS be the one who will take you to your limit. It seem to always be that same person. You can have many friends, CO workers, cousins, in laws, sister or brother, etc., but this ONE person will always push your button, ONE day OR ANOTHER as long as they are in your life.
What do you do as a final result in a situation like this? Do you exit immediately out of their lives?
 Do you know that one person in your life who will take you to that limit, or are YOU a person who takes others to a  limit?
Please help me family.
Have a Blessed Weekend
God Bless You All
Pearls of Wisdom
Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

11 Replies to “Quick Question! Happy Memorial Day!”



  2. GIRL I CAN take from everybody except…………. when i see them coming i run the other way .I just need to confront and pray with them


  3. In that situation where you have that one person that rubs you the wrong way, causes you to cringe when someone says their name, or make you go five miles out of your way just to avoid them…I would say tell the person exactly how that make you feel and why.

    In my case, I get alot of “Girl you crazy..but that’s true” or “Kizzy, you come up with the strangest things” and even “I love being around you”. I very seldom get to conversating with someone I don’t want to be bothered with except some of the random IMs I recieve.


  4. I’m always the one to bring out the best in someone.. i guess it’s cause i am the kind that see that glass is half full instead of half empty


  5. I have always tried to be the best person I can be, and in turn expect the same from everyone else. I don’t take shorts. Period, if it is not your best, then don’t give it to me. I would never do it to you. Now in saying all of that, I try to bring out the best in everyone I know. I try to up lift and help them to be all they can be. That is my way.

    Now, as far as people pushing me to my limit, I don’t let that happen. My dat told me early in life, “Never let anyone rent space in your head.” Which means, never let anything anyone says or does affect who you are, or what you would do. That is my creed.


  6. There have been a couple of people in my life that just being in their presense was a challenge for me. I eventually had to just limit their access to me because it would make me turn into somebody that later I’d say…wow…I acted like that??? I couldn’t be around them because I didn’t like what I became with them.

    I don’t think I bring out the worst in anyone. I always try to get along well with people. I don’t, pick $&!t, so to speak, I’ll just step off and keep away from them. I’m learning to do like CJ said…not let anyone rent space in my head. I had to give alot of things over to God…people were one of them.


  7. : @ CJ:”Never let anyone rent space in your head.”(Saying this like Martin Lawrence would say it;)”Oooohhh Weee!” *With a total different meaning of course… But, That’s a good one. @”MissDee” (LOL) Babyyyy “Remember your blog entry” Front Row?!?! >>>”I had to give alot of things over to God…people were one of them.”<<< There it is!

    I’d like to think I was NOT a person that brings the WORST or as you put it MONSTER out of someone and If I were, I would want them to let me know [Flat out]. Don’t hint, sugarcoat, tap dance around it or send subliminal messages. So, I could left foot, right foot right out of their way. And, It would be best that we’d go our separate ways because a relationship/friendship gone bad like that is unhealthy & I wouldn’t consider it a friendship or relationship at all. I would consider that just ‘dealing’ with that person.

    I’m woman enough to take responsibility for my actions or reactions & I must say, may have tried to do that or may have been successful while dealing with an ex. Some men that have crossed my path pushed me to the point where I wanted to do just that… Bring the monster out of them and leave them right where they were standing.

    There has only been three people that tapped danced on my last to the next nerve and I met them all after I moved to Detroit. I wouldn’t say they brought the Monster out of me… I don’t think I’ve ever constantly reached that point with anyone. I’d just leave those people in the dust because, I don’t have time for that… But, for those three people; Just hearing their voice or seeing their name would make me sick. And, I suppose, that was my fault too because, I did not try to understand them, they are/were very complex people & I did not have the time to go through all of that because, they did not have any special place in my heart & definitely did not have any control over what steps I’d take in life. I’ve met one on the Anita Baker message board & One in a Women’s ‘Christian’ group online & the third an ex. Supervisor in Detroit.

    I have not intentionally, done or said things to true girl-friends to get that kind of ‘Monster-ish’ rise out of them. I try my best to encourage, inspire & help people. If it’s their best, I don’t know but, anyway.. If my words or actions are being misunderstood or if someone couldn’t ‘stand’ something I say or do. Let me know and uhh buh’ bye. I would hate for someone to just ‘deal’ with me, Peace Out– I would probably say; “Bye” and leave it or them alone. It’s as simple as that, Flat out, if the shoe fits, I’d lace that baby up & get my strut on. As, I have before… I ask people to be my friend or be with me & I won’t beg them to say, believe that. I’ve dealt with people for some time & eventually just let them be we never talked or seen each other again & it has not ruined my life, I haven’t lost any sleep & I haven’t regretted it one single day.

    As the poem goes: “Some people come in your life for a reason, season & a lifetime.”

    *So I guess my answer to anyone that really felt that in their heart about someone:
    —–You can choose to tell them about it then exit or you can & exit their lives immediately.


  8. Typo:

    *That should have read:
    >>>I (DON’T) ask people to be my friend & I won’t beg them to (STAY), believe that.<<<


  9. Well I bring out the best in folks…..and I think that because I’m not pushy about anything .. I ‘ve leaned not to try to change, or convince grown folks of too much … Just let ’em be, give advice when asked and if you see something wrong say something about it ..They may not like it but at least you’ve said something …

    Now for the folks that push me to the limit.. I think those people are necesssary to keep you on your toes.. Cuase each time you deal with them you learn a little bit more about yourself and how to better deal with them. I think people that work your nerves, help you in a strange way….. the more you deal with people like that the better you become as a person…… Every road traveled can’t be a easy one .. ( wink)…..


  10. OK COCO why did I just get that?????? I just got that. Wowww. This morning I was laying down on the couch thinking about why I deal with certain people, when I realize that for some reason, they make me want to do better. They make me see things in a different light on how NOT to be is one! But your right they keep on one my toes.

    I really got that I did


    Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy


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