Why Me?/BLOG


Its so messed up when you find out some information that leaves you devastated. Sometimes I ask God….. Why me? Why do I always find out stuff when I’m sitting on MYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY couch in MYYYYYYYYYYYYY apartment minding MYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY own business in MYYYYYY own world doing MYYYYYYYY own thing? Stuff I find out has nothing to do with meeee.. but has an impact on ME because I’m connected to people. God gives me visions of what is going to happen and why… and I get that part.. that’s cool. But this other stuff.. I CAN’T!

I’m always the one finding out something. People come to me for conversations, advice and I get that.. I come to understand that I am that person that listens and keep secrets. But somethings that are happening are just terrible and leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Leaves me in my feelings. Like.. this is not even MYYYYYYYYY stuff. Why do I know this? OH MY GOODNESS. UGHHH

Pray for me

I AM FullSizeRender (68) (( I don’t have to do anything else))

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