My Raisingurls All Grown Up/BLOG


You see this photo? Well you won’t believe how these GROWN WOMEN look today! OMG My Raisingurls are no longer kids. ALL OF THEM OF THEM HAVE GRADUATED HIGH SCHOOL ON TIME…

Meet my niece Rica (( daughter of my God sister)) the Raisingurl in the blue (( first person)) is working at a Hospital and going to school for a Degree in Nursing!!! It was a pleasure to see her working at one of the BEST HOSPITALS IN MICHIGAN. I remember when her mom was pregnant with her. I’m so proud !


Raisingurl Chanel wearing the black was pregnant but made it her business to walk across the stage with her BACHELORS DEGREE! She’s my niece  first cousin to Rica. Im so proud of her! Determined!

Raisingurl Brittney!! My oldest niece (( second oldest sister daughter)). She graduated from HIGH SCHOOL.. took some college classes, and has been working for the City of Detroit for over 10 years!!! Yes gurl. She is expecting her first baby next year. I’m so proud of the beautiful woman she is today. She is one of the realist and funniest person you could ever meet. She got it from her AUNTIE!

Raisingurl Daijah, Graduated from High School and doing well for herself. I showcased her season with us on the last blog.

I AM LACREASE………. I don’t have to do ANYTHING ELSE!

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