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Hey Family!

I just finished watching Part 3 of Iyanla Fix My Life, and as usual I’m sitting here crying like a baby. I’ll stop, then start back up again. If you want to see all 3 parts they are all ONLINE. Go ahead and BLESS yourself, its a life lesson we can all learn from.

It’s so heartbreaking to see grown adults who can’t get past their childhood, because their parents dont want to take responsibility. There is so much finger pointing, and blaming among the adult siblings, that they neglect the fact that what happened to them is NONE OF THEIR FAULT!

They had parents who BOTH were on drugs. The system took them away and they were all split up. As a result, they were abused, beating, molested, and degraded. The part that hurt me the most is, while they were adopted differently, they all thought that others were LIVING BETTER THAN THE NEXT. Meaning, the one and only Sister thought that her brothers were loved more than her. She thought the reason why her mom was not with her, was because she thought they were with their mom. The boys came on the show and said.. NO! We thought she was with you!!! Wow, and the mother allowed her kids to believe that LIE FOR ALL THOSE YEARS!!!! Little does she know that adds more guilt to her healing.

In the end, there was a breakthrough. They were all willing to forgive both their parents, that’s the great part, but were the parents able to forgive THEMSELVES? I say that to say, in the update, the Mother still wasn’t calling her daughter or making time to spend with her daughter. I take it as the Mother hasn’t forgiven herself. I wonder what did the mother take from the show? The father is VERY ACTIVE in his kids life. He’s making the effort to talk to his boys every week. I am so proud of him.

I’m hoping and praying that the amount of Power this family have, they could communicate their feelings toward each other more, and work on being together often.

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