Place of Peace

MY PLACE2Okay sooooo, BEYONCE tickets went so fast, and I refuse to sit way up at the top to see the show. Was online at 10:00 am. My friend bought 6 tickets and paid $1500.00. Good Seats too. So I’m happy for her. Well, I did go to the last Destiny Childs concert, so I did get to see Ms. Queen B do her thang. So, if there is another show… I’m there. Waiting for the announcement.

In other news…….

I am feeling good today. So peaceful in my apartment. Gosh, everybody should experience living alone. I never dreamed of this PEACE. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL I spend hours and hours and hours writing my book. I feel good and got a lot done. LOL I learned somethings about myself tonight. I couldn’t stop laughing.

Well let me share a little. When we were growing up the 4 of us weren’t allowed to fight, we had to argue it out, afterwards we had to kiss and make up. Well, as I moved out and started my own life, I realized that I would get into it with my friends all the time and they would hang up on me and be angry for days. But see I was raised, have an argument, kiss and make up. Well I learned quickly that my friends wasn’t raised that way. If you said something or did them wrong, they wouldn’t talk to you for a while. God showed me that I wasn’t the Princess I thought I was. My weapon was my mouth, not only can I whip up a sentence on paper that can have you angry at me, but with my facial expression and my non curse word sentence, I can knit together a sentence deep enough to make you wanna pick me up and throw me out of the house. So, I had to learn to watch what I say to people. Wow, its deep. I love when God show me MEEEEEEEEEEEEE. LOL LOL

Alight everybody let me go back to my place of PEACE… Its bedtime. Oh I love my life. Thank you Jesus.

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