The anti-Beyhive is planning a rally on Feb. 16 after Beyoncé's Super Bowl 50 performance, which they say had ties to the Black Panthers and Black Lives Matter.

When I tell you I LOVE this lil gurl (( old enough to be her mom))… I LOVE HER! I ask myself, La’Crease what is it that you LOVE about her? Let me tell you.

The gurl is BAD! She’s the BEST ENTERTAINER IN THE WORLD! Don’t get mad at her, she’s all she asked God for. God said yes and BLESSED HER TO DO WHAT SHE DO BEST. How can one be mad about that?

She rarely does interviews and rarely go deep on FB and Twitter. She barely talks, what are people mad about? She doesn’t have your phone number and played on your phone. She didn’t wear your shoes and messed them up. She didn’t use your debit card without permission. But see what people don’t know about a VIRGO is.. we are very silly.. mines 9/3, funny and loving people. People will be shocked to know that she’s very down to earth, and will say stuff that will have you saying ” Did Beyonce just say that?” She has so much influence on people that she has to be very careful what she say in public. Even though NO MATTER what she says, she will always be criticized about it. Don’t sweat it B,  still get your 6-8 ((hours of sleep)).

When she was pregnant, some people didn’t even believe it. Are you SERIOUS in this world? Are you serious? Goes to show you how BIG she really is. Anytime you believe a person here on EARTH didn’t have a child, I wouldn’t trust them to place a pizza order for me ONLINE WITH PHOTOS. Um cuse me… watch out ((( get out of my way))).

I went to see her in concert and I was amazed at her energy, her performance, her stage presence, her style, her SPIRIT. That was the moment I said… Beyonce is my daughter. I just LOVE HER! I have one, a 29 year old Virgo 9/3, who loves her sister ( lol) .


I guess people feel that she should do more interviews, but no matter what she does, it will never be enough for folks. Virgos are very private people. I get her, I understand her. When it comes to her, I’m very territorial. People are BULLIES and they will find anyway to be mad at her ESPECIALLY  since they never had a face to face, eye contact conversation with her.  She’s a human being just like the rest of us. I love her last CD because she gave us more of who she is. I wish people would allow her to be A PERSON.

Who can drop an album over night, while you sleep? LOL Beyonce. She Gotta TEAM SO OUTCOLD AND LOW KEY….don’t make sense! That’s a BAD CHICK RIGHT THERE!! RESPECT IT… or I’m gon ask that you clear the room! Because no matter if you like her or not… BEYONCE’S HERE TO STAY! When she hits the stage, she’s at her best. She performs for the THRILL, you can tell, look in her eyes. She loves her husband, and the beautiful daughter God gave them.

For all the people who don’t like her…. Go get you some LOVE AND PERSONAL time with God.. so you can experience your own BLESSING TOO.



I AM La’Crease.. and I don’t have to do anything else!

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