My Daughter Blessed Me Today/BLOG

Hey Family! So, today my daughter asked me to pick her up from work because she had something for me. When I read the text, for some reason I skipped over that part, I was too busy thinking about having to get dressed.  She could tell from my text that I did not want toContinue reading “My Daughter Blessed Me Today/BLOG”

God Told Me That I Was Getting In The Way With My Foolishness- PT 2/BLOG

The following year, my daughter entered High School. She had a good 4 years, graduated, then decided that she would take a year off from school. That didn’t sit well with me at all. I wanted her to go straight to college because I know sometimes when kids take a year off, its hard toContinue reading “God Told Me That I Was Getting In The Way With My Foolishness- PT 2/BLOG”

God Told Me That I was Getting In The Way With My Foolishness PT 1/BLOG

  I was in my early 30’s when I was temporary SHUT DOWN God. Growing up we would have our water, lights and gas shut off and then turned back on, and I hated that. I said that when I “got grown” I’m going to make sure that I pay my bills off onceContinue reading “God Told Me That I was Getting In The Way With My Foolishness PT 1/BLOG”

Learning your kids PERSONALITY!/BLOG

When my daughter was a young gurl, I use to always scream like most parents when they lose it. But after a short while, I realize that she was JUST LIKE ME, she didn’t require screaming. She required that “come here, let me look you in the eye” kinda speech. Screaming made me nervous as it doesContinue reading “Learning your kids PERSONALITY!/BLOG”

laporsharenae A WORD TO WOMEN/BLOG

Following LikeComment 437 likes laporsharenaeSomething told you to sexually assault me, try to take my life as if you were the one who gave it to me, cheat on me with ANYTHING that walked and tell me that’s what love was all about, plead guilty to domestic violence, watch me via you and your nextContinue reading “laporsharenae A WORD TO WOMEN/BLOG”


One day he came over and couldn’t find me, so he went a few doors down to my friends house (((his now sister -n- law))) and found me there. He was mad at me for not wanting to have anything to do with him. No matter how much he apologized to me, I didn’t wantContinue reading “My story of FORGIVENESS-RAPE 3/BLOG”

To My Daughter’s Stepmom,/BLOG

Here is a article that someone shared on Face Book. Had me in tears.. This letter is so beautiful. Father God…. your face is shown in this.  (IJReview) — A woman named Candice Curry wrote a letter to her ex-husband’s new wife Ashley Parish, and the reception of the letter has been off the charts.Continue reading “To My Daughter’s Stepmom,/BLOG”

A parent and HER daughter ^SMH^

As I sit here and become OBSESSED with the turning events concerning the Boston Marathon Bombers, I can’t help but think of what happened? What would make these 2 young brothers do something so evil? And then I think about my Students in school.   Today as I stood in the office doing paperwork….. aContinue reading “A parent and HER daughter ^SMH^”