A parent and HER daughter ^SMH^

whoopingAs I sit here and become OBSESSED with the turning events concerning the Boston Marathon Bombers, I can’t help but think of what happened? What would make these 2 young brothers do something so evil? And then I think about my Students in school.


Today as I stood in the office doing paperwork….. a parent waltz in with an attitude, wearing shades in 46 degrees weather with NO sun…. asking where is her daughter. As I type this and let out a long sigh….. it would have killed me to finish my paperwork and leave THAT OFFICE before I got to see WHO HER DAUGHTER WAS. 100 POLICEMEN could have came in and shot me…. but I would have REFUSED to die until THIS GURL WALKED INTO THE OFFICE!!! *lol*


The lady in the office asked her who was her daughter so that she could call her down, she also told the parent that she needs to speak to someone in AUTHORITY about the situation. The parent went on and on saying, that she was tired of this school calling her about her daughter, saying that she has to work, and that she can’t wait to speak to someone. I wanted to look up at the parent one more time, but I didn’t want to give her any more attention than she was trying to get. She was really pissing me off, because she has no idea how these kids are when they’re not around. When she asked who did she have to speak too, the guy * he’s a story in its own* said to her… “you’re going to need to whosah”. I looked at him, with the look on my face like “NO YOU DIDNT”just geek her up even more. Not only that, why are you causing discord? So now all eyes are on the office door for the person he’s referring too and is going to walk through the door at any time to talk with this parent. Now just by saying that, she couldn’t wait to see who this person was. None of us couldn’t. The more she kept saying how she cant wait to talk to this person, and how she’s about to go off, was making me so mad. She kept looking at me, and I made sure I gave her NO attention, NO eye contact, NOTHING!!!! She wanted me to LOOK AT HER SO BAD!~! People like her I REFUSE to give them the floor. She knew everybody in that office * about 5 of us* was listening to her, and I was the only one who didn’t look her way, or give her the attention she WANTED BADLY FROM ME. She kept looking at me, and I could feel her eyes begging me to give her approval, so that when this person walks in, she could chew her up.


When the Assistant Principal walked in to take the parent to her office. I was so shocked and so sad that this guy would create an atmosphere with this parent to upgrade her attitude with our AP. Little did the AP know she was being “side swiped” by her own coworker. The AP asked the parent to come into her office, the parent said… “I’m waiting on my DAUGHTER FIRST”. The AP not knowing where this attitude came from, said.. okay…. we’ll wait. She kept on getting smart with the AP. It made me so sad, but in the meanwhile, it was killing me not to look over at this parent and give her the LOOK OF DEATH. Had I looked at her, she would have felt my wrath.


About 3 minutes later, her daughter walked through the office door, and when I laid eyes on this lil heffa…. I said to myself……”Oh that’s her daughter SMH” I see why the daughter act the way she does. She’s just like her mother. It amazes me how the parents have no idea that their behavior is what causes the students to behave the way the do. Like I told this student today. I said I LOVE YALL. I LOVE WORKING WITH TEENS…. I told him that I could be at home, sitting on the couch with my legs and arms crossed, watching TV, and snacking on my snacks….. but instead I applied for this job…..just to be close to you all. He got it.


But my issue is with the parents. Now, that parent went into that office and chewed out the AP, when in REAL LIFE…. that gurl is her CHILD, We are only doing our jobs, we have better things to do, than to purposely pick out a child from the crowd and cause problems. When its all said and done, that parent will be the one who suffer the consequences WITH HER CHILD as she gets older and live her life.


Be Blessed





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