28 years too harsh… the fall of Former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick…… Crees Blog Entry

only meOur former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was sentenced yesterday to 28 years in prison, and today his Best Friend was sentenced to 21 years.

I had a discussion about it yesterday on my FB page and a lot of people didn’t agree with the harsh sentence that was handed down. Even if I thought it was too many years to serve…. when you’re a person with that much POWER and you’re found guilty of many serious accounts of fraudulent behavior…. understand that more was required, and trust me MORE TIME was given too.

I voted for this Mayor and even though he was very smart and could get a deal for the city as the LAWYER he was, he was a bully. The part that bothers me about the whole thing is that…. he became so greedy that he didn’t even think far enough down the rode to know that EVENTUALLY “what’s done in the dark would come to the light”. He didn’t think about his Mom who had been a Politician for many years and what it would do to her career. She lost the Democratic primary election in 2010. He didn’t think about his wife and the fact that if he ever got caught, she would either wait until he’s 71 years old to get out of jail, or if she’d divorce him, keep his last name…and find someone else. He didn’t think about that. He didn’t think about seeing his sons graduate from High School and College, or that he’ll never see his grand kids born, or attend his sons wedding. He will forever say to them “I’m sorry”, in everything that he’ll miss. Of course they’ll forgive him, but greed has caused him to ENJOY THE LUXURY of things that he’ll never see again.

I don’t feel bad for him…. I feel bad for all the people that this has been affected. I believe with all my heart that his arrogance and his silence about where the money is hidden, has caused him to get so many years. I guess he figured if I’m going to do the time, aint no use in telling where the money is.. lol My prayer is that he turn to God * we use to go to the same church, ((((Second Ebenezer))))) I saw him every Sunday before he was our Mayor*. All he have to do is ask God for forgiveness. I hope he study his bible and become a role model for the MEN locked up. You know God send wise people to jail to get them saved too. I truly believe with all my heart…. that’s his next assignment.

Be Blessed

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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