Home Dreaming 7/ Bedrooms/Blog

The bedroom is one of the most soothing places you could go in your home. It should set the atmosphere of the days ahead. This is the place where you first wake up and give Thanks to God for seeing another day.

Enormous master bedroom with extensive wood paneling with matching custom bed. Partition wall with fireplace creates separate sitting area

Luxury bedroom with fireplace, TV, balcony access with city views and large wood bedroom furniture.

Cheerful bedroom design in yellow, white and earth tones

Modern spacious master bedroom design with extensive city views, floor-to-ceiling windows, small sitting area and large screen television mounted above a small gas fireplace

Spacious master bedroom with multiple glass doors leading to balcony overlooking the water

Spacious brown and white bedroom


Large bright master bedroom that takes up the entire top floor of this luxury home

Dark and textured is what this bedroom is all about

Minimally furnished bedroom make the large modern bed stand out

Master bedroom in beige color scheme with elevated gas fireplace in the corner.

Adobe colors give a Southwest tint to this master bedroom featuring chestnut pillows and comforter on a pure white bed with matching large white headboard.


Home Dreaming 4/ Foyer/BLOG

When you walk into a HOME…..  the ATMOSPHERE should ALWAYS grab you at the front door. Allow God to quiet your Spirit so that you can discern what you’ve just entered.

Elegant double winding stairs into large round foyer

 Circular foyer with view of upper landing and arched stairs descending into the center of the foyer.  Foyer walls in grey brick with dark wood floor.

Luxury home with straight staircase landing at the front of a foyer.  Foyer contains armless sofa and leads into the two-story living room.

Grand circular foyer with arched carpeted stairs wrapping around both sides of the entrance.  Foyer is two stories in height and leads directly into a small dining room.

Contemporary home foyer with slightly arched stairs leading up from the front door.  Foyer area is two stories tall illuminated with a chandelier.

Entrance way with arched ceiling painted with a mural of the sky.

Entry hall with view of upper landing leading to straight staircase.  Foyer hall flows through the entire home to double glass doors leading out to the pool area in the backyard.

Simple yet elegant front entrance in white with wood flooring.  Small built-in sofa is to the right of the front door.  Stairwell is also to the right which is brightly illuminated with two stories of windows.

Large foyer doubling as an art gallery.

Open concept home with foyer spanning full depth the home.  Rear of foyer leads to large sliding door to the backyard.  Staircase off to the left and formal dining room is off to the right of the entrance.

Contemporary foyer with light wood floor and straight stairs leading to landing.

Expansive two-story foyer with arched wooden staircase

one-story foyer with marble floor and arched wooden stairs with carpet runner

2-story foyer with black floor, brown walls, wood spiral stairs and white front door

Marble-floor foyer in luxury home with arched stairs

Vaulted ceiling foyer with arched white staircase

Funny photos and quotes/ Blog

One of the funny things about being on the internet is the silly  quotes they add to photos. Sometimes they have me screaming so loud. Here are some of my favorites. 











Had a great time with MOM AND DAD/Ramblings (((BLOG))))


Today was good day… my dad took me, Nesha and my momma to lunch at their favorite restaurant. They go all the time, today was my first time. The food was so good….I finally got to see what all the talk was about. After wards we went to Belle Isle to sit at the fountain and to take in the beautiful sun and breeze. I have a tan out of this world… on one side of my body. LOL We sat there for at least 3 hours. The ice cream truck came we sat and at ice cream and had a very good time. Life is about living and enjoying your family and friends. Afterwards we went riding Downtown. Many of the streets were blocked off, because of the Jazz Festival . Parking is $20.00 on up…. yes…. they’re making a killin too.

We had a good time together. My dad use to always get mad at me , but since my mom moved into his building on another floor, he says he’s happy because he gets to be around his family more. He was so mean and it was hard being around him, but for the last few months, its been a pleasure to be around him. I come to the conclusion concerning people that…. they are who they are…. you can either ask God to help you “understand” their ways so that you can best get along with them, or not be bother with that person. I get along with people, because I understand that we’re all different. I respect the differences and I love everyone. Things I’m not feeling about a person… I don’t deal with. I don’t want to argue fuss or fight with anyone… I just want to have nice conversations and that’s it. God knows my heart.

I need to start my walking back up.. OMG. I gained a few pounds and I don’t like that at all. So after the Holiday…. its back on and poppin. I love to walk, so that will be a breeze. Okay.. I’m rambling… I’ll be back tomorrow.



How to deal with family on HOLIDAYS/Rough Look/My Boo (((((Blog)))))


* All photos are of MY family*

As a Woman… I LOVE LOVE LOVE to look rough, or have bad days. Because I know when I do my hair…… and put on some clothes…. Baaaaaaaaby….head spins. LOL Ladies its okay to have those days. I know people who would never get caught looking “rough”… but to me THEY LOOK THE SAME EVERYDAY. I hate to see a ” ON PURPOSE SAME FACE” …. looking person. I love seeing a man with different looks. I love seeing his facial hair growing out and looking dirty because of WORK… then goes into the bathroom to shower, and shave looking like a totally different person. I LOVE THAT. TURNS ME ON….. LIKE REALLY TURNS ME ON REAL HARD. LOL As a woman I never want to look the same EVERDAY ALL DAY… these types of people…. you can tell love to POWER CONTROL their atmosphere and would DIE.. if they’re caught looking any other way.

Saw my boo today… I just LOVE a man who speaks my language * talking junk*… loving and sweet at the same time. Side ways talking…. HATE IT. There is a difference.

In other news. The holiday weekend is approaching, and I hope that FAMILIES can come together and have a good time. There is nothing wrong with FRIENDS hanging out, but FAMILIES are so important. As I study human behavior, I’m finding that people who don’t get along with FAMILY.. cling to FRIENDS… and found that they have more tolerance for them. I wish that people would understand…. that its okay if you have a family member who gossip and talk to much. Thing is LEARNING how to deal with them. Learn how to work their personality. Its okay to give your family members a few days or weeks off.. but don’t let it go on for years. Don’t let another family functions come up and YOU don’t want to go because YOU don’t want to have to deal with AUNTIE BETTY. Learn how to chose your lanes…

Let me give you an example: My auntie loves to drink, and when she does, she don’t get drunk. SHE’LL JUST HEM YOU UP and talk for hours about things that happened to her when she was younger, and how to deal with it, in case it happens to you. Now me… when I’m at FAMILY FUCTIONS I like to work the room, talk to this person, laugh with this person, dance with that person, cry , talk JUNK * cause that’s what I do in LOVE AND FUN*. But at the same time my Auntie needs someone to listen to her stories. So, instead of saying.. I’m not coming to the FUCNTION because Auntie Betty is going to get me in the corner and I’ll be force to listen to her stories for hours. I’ll say hey auntie….listen for 10 minutes, and tell her… I’ll catch up with you later going over to talk to Lisa. People have to learn how to talk to others to get your point across KNOWING you’re not offending. If you have a BIG MOUTH COUSIN who sits up and brags about what she have, what she’s trying to get, what she want and all this other stuff…. speak and chat a little…. THEN KEEP IT MOVING…. don’t become a AUDIENCE MEMBER TO HER. See this is the reason why people act a FOOL at FAMILY FUCTIONS…. they HAVE YOU AS A audience member. Being a member allow these people to DO AND SAY WHATEVER….. LISTEN LOVES…… ALL SHOWS GET CANCELLED WHEN RATINGS ARE LOW!!!! * WINK* SHUT FUNNY ACTING FAMILY MEMBERS DOWN AND still enjoy them. After a while, they’ll come around and be your BEST FAMILY MEMBER.





DSCN0350 DSCN0362

DSCN0356 DSCN0357


Be Blessed!

Listen to yourself and in that quietude you might hear the voice of God. – Dr. Maya Angelou

Six Flags over New Orleans… * my thoughts* :( (((((Blog)))))


I love Amusement Parks….and even though I don’t like to ride roller coasters or rides that’s high in the sky. I’ve always had a connection to the actual park.

The park to me in MY mind reminds me of a place where there is laughter, fun screams, eating, walking, photo taking, water, shows, and of course rides. When I was a kid I use to wonder what do the rides do after all the guest are gone. Do they rest and sleep? Do they talk to each other? Are they happy to have people ride them, because its their ” PURPOSE” in life? I’ve always had a wild live imagination when it comes to this topic. People say I’m crazy for these thoughts, but I believe with all my heart, that when Parks close down for good, its a sadness that lurks over it. The Spirit of it is gone. In my crazy mind, I feel that the rides are sad and depress that it has no lively hood anymore. No more children to make laugh, no more screaming . The smell of food no longer fills the air.

I always wondered that if I walked through an abandoned Amusement Park, would I be able to feel the Spirits that once visited there? I’m always watching YouTube videos of Amusement Parks… but this one.. really got to me. 😦 Six Flags over New Orleans. I wish I could wake up the rides and nurse them back to health from Hurricane Katrina. Ill get the kids and families back on the rides again. I can see Roller coasters happy, swings swinging, music playing, kids running, parents smiling, food cooking.

Please watch this video with me. Remember to feel the Spirit of Happiness!!

Be Blessed!

Listen to yourself and in that quietude you might hear the voice of God. – Dr. Maya Angelou

Fun Quizzes ((((((((Blog))))))))


Yea, Im silly!! LOL Here are so fun quizzes to do. The link is at the bottom. Check out mines.

You Are
You are passionate, sassy, and downright fiery. You are a total go-getter. You go at everything full force. At work, you are serious and intense. At play, you are the life of the party. You are the brightest bulb in the room. People find you inspiring, and you always know how to lead. You are a super star, but sometimes you burn too brightly. Cool off a little. Find some balance before you burn out.


You Are
You love to be around your friends, and you have a blast doing almost anything with them. You aren’t picky, and you’re happy to be a part of any outing. You can be content in a lot of different situations. You don’t get bored easily, and when you do feel bored, you do your best to entertain yourself. There’s plenty in this world to keep you busy. Others consider you to have a great personality, and you are quite lighthearted. You are extremely easy to get along with.


You Judge People Based On
on Experience
You think you know human nature pretty well. You’ve lived long enough to know what kind of people to stay away from. On the flip side, you know what kind of people you click with. You find it easy to bond with certain strangers. While you tend to be right about people, sometimes you will dislike someone too quickly for having minor character flaws. Give new people more of a chance. You can keep strangers at arm’s length, but don’t write them off right away!

You Should
Keep Calm and Carry On
You think the world would be a better place if we reflected more and reacted less. Not every action deserves a reaction. You would love to see a more contemplative planet, and you’re doing your part by promoting thoughtfulness in yourself and others.

You Are
You are a natural protector and nurturer of everyone and everything you care about. You make sure everything is good. You have your priorities set right, and you put your energy into what matters most. You value your friends and family.

You Are
A Creative Dreamer
You dream big, and you often are willing to think of ideas that others wouldn’t dare dream about. You don’t just think outside the box – you’re not even aware of the box being there! You can solve problems that other people think are impossible. You always explore all options. Where others see nothing, you see possibilities. For you, the world is rich with potential.

You Are
You are resilient, hopeful, and inspiring. You have a lot of emotional, physical, and mental energy. You nurture and nourish yourself. You know that you need fulfillment and downtime if you want to be your best. You stay present in every moment. You don’t allow yourself to be distracted or flustered. You appreciate the life you have been given. You embrace all that is beautiful in the world.


You Are
When you’re confronted with a problem, you slow down and assess exactly what is going on. You don’t want to act too quickly, but you will act when you know the coast is clear. You believe that going too fast and going too slow can be equally damaging. You aim to end up somewhere in the middle between recklessness and stagnation.

You Are
The Sense of Sound
You love to talk, but you also love to listen. You are simply a natural conversationalist. You can have a deep conversation that lasts for hours and come out of it feeling energized. You have a good ear for foreign languages and accents of all sorts. You can imitate people quite well. You also are a huge lover of music. You probably love music more than most people you know.

You Are
You are a very smart person, and you are happiest when you’re learning something new. You’re interested in so many things, and you feel like there’s always more to discover. You’re very curious. You believe that knowledge is empowerment. You do your best not to be ignorant about anything. You are well read and continually adding to your database of information. You never stop learning.

Copy and paste the link below to take the quizzes.



Listen to yourself and in that quietude you might hear the voice of God. – Dr. Maya Angelou 

Fun Quizzes ….Crees Blog Entry

What Should Your College Major Actually Be?

  1. You got: Women’s Studies

    You’re the kind of person who would call someone out for cutting the line at Starbucks. You believe in fairness and you live for justice. You never make decisions before carefully considering every side of an argument. If everyone thought more like you, the world would be a much better place. ROAR

Want to try yours?


What Career Should You Actually Have?

  1. You got: Professor

    You are a thinker, in constant search of knowledge and answers to life’s most illusive questions. You love to analyze everything, testing out theories and pushing mental boundaries. Basically you’re an Einstein, but then again you probably already knew that.

What Is Your Inner Potato?

  1. You got: Home Fries

    Congratulations! You’re home fries. You’re savory and you keep things real. You’re such a good comfort food, you are basically your own tradition. That’s right, home fry.

Which One Of Jesus’s Disciples Are You?

  1. You got: Saint Simon

    Outgoing, outspoken and passionate, you’re never afraid to speak up when you feel strongly about something. You have a bit of an obsessive personality, but it’s something that your friends love about you. You know what you want and you’re not afraid to go after it with everything you have.

You use your brain equally.








A stage play in Detroit Crees Blog Entry


A school friend of mines is putting on another play in April. A must see!!!!!

  • The Lighthouse Theater 8801 Woodward in Detroit Mi,48202

  • This dramatic and very inspirational stage play will have you on the edge of your seat,its twist and turns will keep you guessing on how it will really ends..”Flawed Beautiful People”..What are you hiding in your closet??

    you get three chances to see this well-written play Friday April 4th-8pm and April 5th Saturday 2pm and 8pm

    Vip is $35 which includes,champagne, a wrist band, appetizers and the first 2rows ONLY at the 8pm shows with assign SECURITY and USHERS!!! fri 8pm.$20 Sat.2pm $20 and 8pm $25 for gen adm.

    FREE PARKING!! Tickets go on sale February 3rd!