How to deal with family on HOLIDAYS/Rough Look/My Boo (((((Blog)))))


* All photos are of MY family*

As a Woman… I LOVE LOVE LOVE to look rough, or have bad days. Because I know when I do my hair…… and put on some clothes…. Baaaaaaaaby….head spins. LOL Ladies its okay to have those days. I know people who would never get caught looking “rough”… but to me THEY LOOK THE SAME EVERYDAY. I hate to see a ” ON PURPOSE SAME FACE” …. looking person. I love seeing a man with different looks. I love seeing his facial hair growing out and looking dirty because of WORK… then goes into the bathroom to shower, and shave looking like a totally different person. I LOVE THAT. TURNS ME ON….. LIKE REALLY TURNS ME ON REAL HARD. LOL As a woman I never want to look the same EVERDAY ALL DAY… these types of people…. you can tell love to POWER CONTROL their atmosphere and would DIE.. if they’re caught looking any other way.

Saw my boo today… I just LOVE a man who speaks my language * talking junk*… loving and sweet at the same time. Side ways talking…. HATE IT. There is a difference.

In other news. The holiday weekend is approaching, and I hope that FAMILIES can come together and have a good time. There is nothing wrong with FRIENDS hanging out, but FAMILIES are so important. As I study human behavior, I’m finding that people who don’t get along with FAMILY.. cling to FRIENDS… and found that they have more tolerance for them. I wish that people would understand…. that its okay if you have a family member who gossip and talk to much. Thing is LEARNING how to deal with them. Learn how to work their personality. Its okay to give your family members a few days or weeks off.. but don’t let it go on for years. Don’t let another family functions come up and YOU don’t want to go because YOU don’t want to have to deal with AUNTIE BETTY. Learn how to chose your lanes…

Let me give you an example: My auntie loves to drink, and when she does, she don’t get drunk. SHE’LL JUST HEM YOU UP and talk for hours about things that happened to her when she was younger, and how to deal with it, in case it happens to you. Now me… when I’m at FAMILY FUCTIONS I like to work the room, talk to this person, laugh with this person, dance with that person, cry , talk JUNK * cause that’s what I do in LOVE AND FUN*. But at the same time my Auntie needs someone to listen to her stories. So, instead of saying.. I’m not coming to the FUCNTION because Auntie Betty is going to get me in the corner and I’ll be force to listen to her stories for hours. I’ll say hey auntie….listen for 10 minutes, and tell her… I’ll catch up with you later going over to talk to Lisa. People have to learn how to talk to others to get your point across KNOWING you’re not offending. If you have a BIG MOUTH COUSIN who sits up and brags about what she have, what she’s trying to get, what she want and all this other stuff…. speak and chat a little…. THEN KEEP IT MOVING…. don’t become a AUDIENCE MEMBER TO HER. See this is the reason why people act a FOOL at FAMILY FUCTIONS…. they HAVE YOU AS A audience member. Being a member allow these people to DO AND SAY WHATEVER….. LISTEN LOVES…… ALL SHOWS GET CANCELLED WHEN RATINGS ARE LOW!!!! * WINK* SHUT FUNNY ACTING FAMILY MEMBERS DOWN AND still enjoy them. After a while, they’ll come around and be your BEST FAMILY MEMBER.





DSCN0350 DSCN0362

DSCN0356 DSCN0357


Be Blessed!

Listen to yourself and in that quietude you might hear the voice of God. – Dr. Maya Angelou

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