Six Flags over New Orleans… * my thoughts* :( (((((Blog)))))


I love Amusement Parks….and even though I don’t like to ride roller coasters or rides that’s high in the sky. I’ve always had a connection to the actual park.

The park to me in MY mind reminds me of a place where there is laughter, fun screams, eating, walking, photo taking, water, shows, and of course rides. When I was a kid I use to wonder what do the rides do after all the guest are gone. Do they rest and sleep? Do they talk to each other? Are they happy to have people ride them, because its their ” PURPOSE” in life? I’ve always had a wild live imagination when it comes to this topic. People say I’m crazy for these thoughts, but I believe with all my heart, that when Parks close down for good, its a sadness that lurks over it. The Spirit of it is gone. In my crazy mind, I feel that the rides are sad and depress that it has no lively hood anymore. No more children to make laugh, no more screaming . The smell of food no longer fills the air.

I always wondered that if I walked through an abandoned Amusement Park, would I be able to feel the Spirits that once visited there? I’m always watching YouTube videos of Amusement Parks… but this one.. really got to me. 😦 Six Flags over New Orleans. I wish I could wake up the rides and nurse them back to health from Hurricane Katrina. Ill get the kids and families back on the rides again. I can see Roller coasters happy, swings swinging, music playing, kids running, parents smiling, food cooking.

Please watch this video with me. Remember to feel the Spirit of Happiness!!

Be Blessed!

Listen to yourself and in that quietude you might hear the voice of God. – Dr. Maya Angelou

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