Conversations with The Lord/BLOG

Happy New Year!
One of my prayers is to have more conversations with The Lord. Sometimes we get tied up in our own lives and we forget to have that special time with HIM.
Since I was a young gurl, I’ve always heard the voice of the Lord. I’m always amazed at the things he tells me about PEOPLE and SITUATIONS ahead of time. A lot of times I don’t understand why he tells me things, but as time passes… I ALWAYS GET IT! That alone blows my mind.
A few days ago, the cable in my building and surrounding areas went out for hours. So, I called the cable company to find out how long would it be before its restored. After holding on FOREVER, I was okay with the time frame that was told to me. That evening it was restored.
No more than 5 hours of being restored, it went off again while I was watching Tiny House around 1:20 am. I don’t watch TV much at all, so when I do turn it on, I want to watch it.  I decided to go to sleep. The next day it still wasn’t on, so I decided to chat with a LIVE online representative about the service. He told me that they were having problems and that it would be restored in a few more hours. It was restored an hour earlier than predicted.
The next day, I was going through some movies and decided to watch King of Kings, when the Lord spoke to me. He said “La’Crease, your cable is going out again, but after that, it’ll be on for good.” His voice was so clear! I said.. Oh okay, so its going out again? He said yes, then once its restored it’ll be on for good.
I took a nap that evening before work and when I woke up to get dressed, even though my TV stays off, I notice the lights on the cable box was OFF again!!!! I went on to work, but when I got in around 8 am.. it was still off. Now I’m frustrated because this has never happened before. This time when I called I told them that I wanted a refund for War Room a movie which I rented and didn’t get a chance to see it for a second time before it expired, and also a credit for the NOW 2 days it was off. I was DONE! Forgetting everything God had spoken to me. What really had me on fire was when she said.. after we discuss the nature of my call, that she was going to introduce me to a better package than the one I have. Before I knew it I said.. ” I can’t even see and enjoy the package I do have!!!” I said maam, my cable has been in and out for 3 days!!! Oh she felt my wrath! She told me that my cable would be restored in a few hours. Just before hanging up, I got so irritated with the issue, that I said to her…..Thank you, you’ve been real helpful, and hung up in her face while she was still talking. I felt bad because that’s not me anymore to hang up on people, and to get that upset over something that I have no control over and surely not her. So, as I was watching a Christian movie, I really felt convicted after thinking about it.
After I had calmed down… God said to me.. La’Crease why did you call Comcast? I said because I’m tired of my cable going out. He said BUT.. didn’t I tell you that your service was going to go out and be restored again for good? I said yes. He said then why did you leave that woman wounded like that? OH MY GOODNESS I FELT SO BAD. OH THE GUILT. I could actually VISION the woman feeling some type of way after hanging up on her. I can VISION how I made her feel. I can VISION her talking trying to help ME, but feeling low after hanging up on her. I can VISION her telling family and coworkers how rude I was to her.
I shouldn’t have never called. God told me what was going to happen. I don’t know what kind of day that lady was having. She could have lost her mom or anyone. She could have been trying to have a good day after the anniversary of her daughters death or anything… I DON’T KNOW. WE NEVER KNOW WHAT THE NEXT PERSON IS GOING THROUGH! Even though I ‘m making up these scenarios , God told me about my cable, and I spoke to this woman like it was her fault. I repented. I felt so bad afterwards. You can’t do people wrong! God does not like that, and will punish you for it. I wish that I could talk to her again to apologize for the way I spoke to her. She was nice to me, and I was so mean. My cable was on in 12 hours, didn’t matter to me anymore, I just wanted to make what I did wrong-RIGHT!. I haven’t had any problems out of my cable since.. just like THE LORD SAID! I’m starting to think my cable was off just so that I could LEARN THIS LESSON OF HOW TO TREAT OTHERS… ESPECIALLY when I have DIRECT CONVERSATIONS WITH HIM. SMH @MYSELF. LESSON LEARNED!
I AM La’Crease ((I don’t have to do ANYTHING else))

Crees Ramblings!!! 3/26/15


I have got to start with last nights HAHN… baby when I tell you Veronica is the woman that lives inside of me if I was a BAD PERSON… she is the one!

Out of all the movies and TV shows I’ve watched…. she has got to be the person I’m closes to if someone ever made me as mad as folks has made her. When she sat there with her wig off, in those braids… SO RAW AND UNCUT…..smoking which is surely something I don’t do, but probably would need to do after all my dirty deeds.  I fell over board when I watched that scene. That look in her eyes makes her the ICE QUEEN she is. She was at her end with everything when she decided to pour gasoline in the bedroom while her husband slept. Lets not forget what she did to Benny!!! OMG!I knew she completely lost it when she did that.

My favorite line *and she has many* was when she told the officer when Amanda died….”there’s more degrees in here than a thermometer”. LOL LOL ICE COLD!!! Then she says it with this look in her eyes and her Spirit lines up with everything that comes out of her mouth. She’s a great actress!! I would love to see her on the big screen. I know Tyler has got to be pushing this cast to do things totally out of their comfort zone.  I would love to be a fly on the wall to hear the words he uses to get them to submit. Because I know when they read the story line, they’re in shock as to what their Character is about to do next. Great Finale!

Sooooo…. after listening to Monique’s side of the story about Lee Daniels… *cause I was ready to throw her under the bus.*  I felt that she should have went to France* or where ever it was*  to promote Precious. I think it would have showed Character, and would have gave her more exposure. She claimed that she wanted to “stay home with her family” because she missed out on being with them as her older son grew up. But I think she thought about that lil ole funky $50,000 and said the Hell with them goons!!! LOL Chile please I would go through $50,000 in 3 hours….. 2 hours in thoughts of what I wanted, and the other hour online!!!! LOL Somebody, somewhere owe her some more bread!!! LOL

Anyway…She mentioned that Oprah called her and tried to get her to promote the film, then another time Tyler Perry pulled her to the side and tried too. I bet Lee “Drama King” Daniels called up Oprah like PLEASE TALK TO MONIQUE.. PLEASE CALL HER.. TELL TYLER PERRY TOO–SOMEBODY…. CALLING ALL CARS ((( I mean all stars)))!!!! LOL I would have changed my number! Not even because of Tyler and Oprah.. but cause of that LIL OLE $50,000!!! LOL LOL I’m still stuck on that!!

Fork outta here with that!!!

This year in concert I want to see KEM again. I promised myself that I was going to do more concerts this summer. I love those 90’s artist. There are so many that come through Detroit and I’ve been missing them, not this summer. I’m kicking off with Tyler Perry’s Madea On The Run next Friday night April 3, at the Fabulous Fox Theatre!! Yeaaaaaaaa.. hope to see you there!!!

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 I AM La’Crease

I Don’t Have To Do Anything Else…. I Am La’Crease/BLOG



I knew this day would come for me. For so long I tried to “fight” it, because I knew that it would require me to be a different person. Not even in a bad way, nothing like that. But in a way that changes the way I communicate with people. I was having this deep conversation with my mother one day, about how strong I come on when I’m expressing myself. I feel that I have to be that way, because I feel that people see me as nice, always in a good mood, friendly, and a Christian who don’t get mad or cuss people out. And more than once, I had to show these people…. I will TEAR THAT AZZ. And I don’t like that.

So, I’ve decided to change the way I communicate. When your dad, mom, sisters, brother and friends tell you that you come on too strong, at some point you have to listen to them. I have learned to tone it down, and ITS SO FUN.. OMGGG. I don’t feel the need to comment on everything. I don’t feel the need to have an opinion about everything. I can just sit back, listen to a conversation and have little to NOTHING to say about it. I’M JUST LOVING IT.

I ALWAYS  – ALWAYS felt that I had to live up to what people expected from me. To be their free personal Therapist and give feed back. I’ve always had people sit on my couch and just let it all go. I enjoyed that because it helps me to understand people. To listen to them whenever they called, text, or see me in person. To tell me their story and have an opinion about it. I NOW realized that I don’t have to call my friends everyday and listen to whats going on in their lives. I realized that I don’t have to know whats going on with people, wondering how can I help them. I realized that I don’t have to text long messages to my friends to show them that I care about whats going on with them and their situations. I don’t have to ask 100 questions to show them I love them and interested in their stories. When I showed people that I cared by asking them questions about what we were talking about, they felt that I was being “all in”.  HOW THE HELL DID I EVEN THINK THAT I HAD TO “BE THIS PERSON” TO FOLKS IN THE FIRST PLACE? I don’t know. People who know me, knows that I love them and I will always be here to listen…. but its not top priority in my life anymore. I’m done with that.

I realize that I Am LaCrease, I don’t have to do anything else. When I walk into a room people notice and feel my presence. When I speak everyone listens. When I give advice, people Thank me. When people see my face one time, they never forget me. Strangers pray for me on the spot, people adore me. God LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVES ME.. I don’t have to do anything else. My job is to show Love to people. I no longer feel that I have to devote hours and conversations to people just so that they know I care, love and feel apart of their world. If you know me, you know how I feel ANYWAY. I am a people person. You know my Character. You know my Personality. I am in search of me.. its my time.

I Am LaCrease, and I don’t have to do anything else.

Be Blessed!