A Wedding and A LIE! /BLOG

joyce mI had a phone call conversation with my Bride, and I was sharing with her some things about her wedding. How she may sometimes want to take to Facebook to vent about behind the scenes drama unfolding. I told her that’s a HUGE NO-NO. That’s one thing that I totally dislike, is when someone take to their FB, Twitter or Instagram to vent about people they are/have dealt with. Its true during a wedding things get heated and people need to vent, but when the wedding is over, and the anger is gone…. you can’t take that stuff back. People are always in their feelings, and sometimes you can say too much to make those involved completely turned off. When people don’t know both sides of a story, they tend to COMMENT ON STUFF THEY HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT, and its sickening reading those messages.

Which brings me to this…… someone I LOVE AND ADMIRE sent me a message saying that they are forgiving and releasing me. I never knew this person was having ill feelings towards me. So when they told me the reason, it WASN’T EVEN TRUE. JESUS is my WITNESS to that! Father God tell this gurl yourself, its not true. It just reminds me what NO COMMUNICATION will do to a friendship, it will have you believing something that never happened, isn’t true, and a LIE! This person told me “you don’t have to explain to me the dynamics of you and ******** friendship.” And in my CHRISTIAN mind… I’m saying.. yes I DO need to explain.. BECAUSE ITS NOT TRUE!!! I’m saying to myself LORD JESUS,..,.. please tell this gurl the truth. LOL LOL Of course its not funny to her, but Satan will have you believing some of anything. And have folk MAD FOR YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS!

Well as for me… I HAVE A WEDDING to plan, a GRADUATION 2016.. MY 50TH BIRTHDAY PARTY, AND MY COWORKERS 60TH BIRTHDAY PARTY. I can’t /WON’T find the energy to pause for this issue.

Be Blessed 🙂


I AM La’Crease ((( and I don’t have to do anything else)))

Bill Cosby/ Tell your own STORY/BLOG


So… I read that Bill Cosby went to court several years ago and admitted to giving women  the drug Quaaludes so that he could do what he wanted to do.

I’m sadden by this information but not shocked. I’m not shocked because he’s a man/human and we all make mistakes. I know this was done when he was younger, and with the mentality he has NOW, he’s probably ashamed  and embarrassed by his actions. Because I’m sure he doesn’t do those things anymore.

 I know he felt this secret would be sealed forever, well at least until he passed on, that would leave his wife with all the MESS in her lap to deal with. Can you imagine all the people who are going to delete his number out of their cell phones? There will be ones who will call him to show support even after knowing/reading the court documents ARE TRUE. And that’s cool. Then there will be ones who will shy away from him altogether. Sometimes I think God allows these things to happen, so that we can see for ourselves WHO WE ARE. I learned that people are quick to forgive you if you ADMIT your wrong, and ask for forgiveness. But when you deny, and make folks look money hungry when they’re telling the truth all along, people aren’t quick to forget that.

After and during The Cosby Show he was looked at as almost perfect when it came to family life of being a husband, a dad, and a role model. But you gotta remember your PAST WILL catch up with you. Somebody somewhere knows YOUR TRUTH. When faced with the questions… be honest, no matter how hard it is. People will forget all about the good you’ve done and said, and focus on the lies you told, and the things you covered up. People love to remind me of how I use to be, when they can clearly see that I am 30 years past all of that mess. It doesn’t bother me anymore…..because I TELL MY OWN STORIES!

Here is how it will affect everyone he’s connected to. His cast members will be hunted down and ask millions of questions. His adult kids, wife, and colleagues will also be asked questions. If Bill Cosby was MY friend…. I would love to tell them NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS HOW I FEEL ABOUT MYYYYY FRIEND….while keeping it moving!!! I’m BOLD like that. Sad thing about this… Bill Cosby will have to break his silence soon, or it would just look like arrogance on his behalf. People looked up to him, they listened to him. And even though we all fall short (( I know I do)) one thing I do know…. when you come clean and be honest… its easier to move past it. He will have to face the music with the lawsuits, even have to come off money, but at least he’ll be free from his past. Amen?

I AM La’Crease (( and SHE doesn’t have to do anything else))



truth pill

Hey Yall!

I’m a huge fan of Catfish the Show. I’m attracted to it because its so scary and it could happen to anyone! Its sad that people purposely live a life to deceive others over the internet. These people wake up everyday and have to come up with new stories and new conversations. As I watch the show and study the person doing the “catfishing”…. I can’t help but notice that there is always something going on with them. It could be loneliness, abandonment issues, attention, boredom and the list goes on. Sometimes they get so caught up in the lies they tend to believe it themselves. I also noticed that many of them never intended for the “catfishing” to go on so long. My thing is this…. what fun or “feeling” does someone get from this? Its time consuming, and not only that, but they become a person that’s not even REAL. How could that person leave the house and go on with life as normal and be connected to someone in the world as another person ?
That’s sick to me! SICK! SICK! SICK!

These people study their catfish on line, either on a BLOG  FB, Twitter, Instagram and other social outlets. They know everything about them and will do anything to stay connected. Some use God’s name and Scriptures or whatever is important to that person to keep their attention. Its so sad how long they will allow themselves to LIVE THE LIE. Hurting other people is so wrong. I just hope that the catfish would get help and figure out what ever it is that’s in them that causes them to put time and energy into deceiving others. You are SICK! STOP IT!

Be Blessed

I AM La’Crease

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Mystery Millionaire Season 1 Episode 6 (((((Blog)))))


Just finished watching online Mystery Millionaire ” The Art of Deception” the last episode for season 1, because I was not home when it aired. This one made me cry. 

I’m just like the best friend of the gurl who dated the millionaire… I’ll google you in a New York minute…. especially if I sense something off. God gave women great intuition, and sometimes if we don’t act on it, we’ll miss a lot of things that come our way. It made me cry because the gurl fell in love with the “Character” he portrayed on the show. She never got a chance to know the person he really is , because he cheated her out of that, by thinking it was wise getting to know the real person she was by lying about who he is. When came time to reveal to her that he’s a millionaire she wasn’t feeling him….. BECAUSE SHE FELT SHE DID NOT KNOW HIM.

 LYING…  turns off a REAL WOMAN. We feel that if we’re showing you our real face, then you should show yours too. So now she has to scramble in her mind different thoughts, she has to ask herself can she deal with his life style, will they be able to meet as often as HE MADE HIMSELF AVAILABLE on the show. There are so many things a woman in her shoes has to ask herself . If you can’t meet a woman who will love you for you, just because she already knows who you are, then keep trying….. JUST LIKE THE REST OF US. Hell, you’re not special just because you’re rich, you must search, look and find just like everybody else. It really pisses me off that these Millionaires feel that LOVE is suppose to come easy, so they become “Characters” to see who really are for them.

Kick rocks in your favorite pair of Nikes, and blow bubbles at the same time.

Be Blessed!


Mystery Millionaire * got me feeling some kinda way* (((((Blog)))))


Tonight I watched one of my FAVORITE shows Mystery Millionaire. (google it)

I love this show because I enjoying seeing how these women will react when they find out that the guy they’ve been seeing is actually a Millionaire. The millionaire goes on 3 dates with different women, but the one he connects the most with, he’ll ask out for a second. During these dates, he’s given a house, car and fake occupation. He has to keep up with the lie until the end of the show where he will then tell the person, who he really likes, that everything about what she knows about him is a LIE.

The show is really good. I must admit I love it. But the down side of it is that the woman always walk away “feeling some kinda way”… because while he got to “know her”…. she doesn’t know a thing about him. Everything was a lie. So now she has to regroup and ask him questions all over again, while he breaks his neck “being himself”…. gladly. Bragging and boasting about what he has, and where he’s been, who he knows.

As she begins to know more about him, she has to ask herself “will I be able to deal with him flying in and out of town every week, or wonder how many women are still attached to him?” How does he get along with his parents and siblings? We all know Millionaires cling to their friends, the ones who are publicly known. They separate themselves a distance from FAMILY… because they always “have their hands out”. These are important questions when dating a Millionaire. If they talk side ways about their family members, and PRAISE their FRIENDS… trust me…. you’ll be on his lips too and not in a positive way.

Millionaires ALWAYS feel that it PROTECTS THEM * SMH* when they go  “undercover” to find out who are for them, and who is not. That’s fake to me, and if I’m ever tested in LOVE this way, I’ll never ever in my life talk to him again. EVER. I’m to straight a person to give him the “REAL ME” while he feed me lies on a bed of shrimp…. got me messed up. I don’t play games like that. Just stop talking to me because its a wrap. His heart is “protected”…. but mines is all over the place.

Again, I LOVE the show, but while the men search to find someone who will LOVE them for them, its the women who get played in the end. Mind games, and LIES don’t mix with LOVE.

Be Blessed



What a week!!! First let me Thank God for helping me to make it through lastweek and now this week. I had a lot on my plate making deadlines, going to work, taking care of my mom who had in and out surgery last Friday. I had to work all week, had my gurls group meeting on Sunday, had an inspection on my house, Michael Jackson’s passed away, that FIONE Billy Mays did too and Farrah but  I made it through. Many times when I feel over whelmed God’s Spirit comes over me and calms me all the way down. His Spirit over me is one of the warmest feelings I’ve ever had. I love it. So Thanks for Dad for a wonderful week after all. 

lilcreeOver the last few days since Michaeal Jackson’s Death, I’ve been thinking and reading comments on line, watching the news, listening to people in public. And I realized that people can be so mean. Sometimes I wonder if I want to be POSITIVE so badly that I close my mind out to the NEGATIVE? Because some of the things that people were saying was UNREAL to me. People don’t stop to think about what if it was them or their love ones. People say things and never stop to visualize themselves into those same situations. BET did their thing to Honor Michael in the short time they had, and when it was all over people got on line and dogged the show out calling it the EBT awards and posting all these mean things. There was a time when I would read this stuff about Tyler Perry and go off, now I don’t even bother. I just click out and read something positive. I can’t put energy into that mess. I realize that people have nothing else to do but spread lies and talk about NOTHING!!! 

I went on line and viewed a few past interviews Michael Jackson did with Oprah and Bashir the man who twisted things around and spread all these lies about Michael. It made me cry. How could you do people like that? Michael had his own camera going while Bashir was doing the interview, but when it got on TV he edit to so much that Maury was outraged and his own investigation using Michael’s Camera. Michael is a Virgo like me, and I know that I shouldn’t go by that, but I’m sorry I’m a Virgo and I’m finding that I have so much in common with these people. I came to the conclusion that Michael couldn’t take all those lies and accusations. That drove him to pills. I don’t care with nobody says. He took pills to take away his pain. We are people who love people and they can drive you crazy. I know first hand!!!! That’s why you gotta have God so deep into your life, that its crazy!! You’ve got too, or you won’t make it. You also HAVE to surround yourself with positive people. You all have to be on the same page, if there is anyone who does not fit, THEY GOTTA GO. I’m sorry I’m not about to be stressed out because I cant remove people  FROM my life……….they gotta ROLL OUT!!! Michael couldn’t get on TV and speak out on all those lies and stories everyday a print comes out. He did when Oprah interviewed him. I loved that part too. Just like the case about him in this chamber wanting to be frozen to live to be over 100 years old. He laughed at that mess, I did too. People take photos and get a kick out of  lying on someone just to impress others. That is so bold! So sad. God I hate that this man is dead. He  had to sit back and read a lot of stuff about him. The names they gave him, I bet he cried to sleep many and plenty of times. That hurts me to my soul to see that this man read and had to ignored all these stories. I really don’t know how much of that I could have taken in. I really don’t. See I’ll get on TV and NUT up on everybody!! LOL I will probably put my career in jeopardy because of going off on the MEDIA. I cant take that. Its bad for me now sitting back watching them do Tyler Perry to very same way. They dog him out so bad, that I had to shut my computer down from my self because I wanted to NUT UP ON DEM FOOLS!!!But my name is on this stuff, and if Tyler can ignore them, so can I. Took me a long time to do this, and just today I wanted to NUT UP on this one gurls blog for talking about my baby Tyler. They don’t even know him. That’s why I HATE SECRETS AND I HATE LIES, AND I HATE GOSSIP!!! I HATE THEM. They are evil and it can kill someones heart something terrible.

Tomorrow I’ll continue………..