Mystery Millionaire * got me feeling some kinda way* (((((Blog)))))


Tonight I watched one of my FAVORITE shows Mystery Millionaire. (google it)

I love this show because I enjoying seeing how these women will react when they find out that the guy they’ve been seeing is actually a Millionaire. The millionaire goes on 3 dates with different women, but the one he connects the most with, he’ll ask out for a second. During these dates, he’s given a house, car and fake occupation. He has to keep up with the lie until the end of the show where he will then tell the person, who he really likes, that everything about what she knows about him is a LIE.

The show is really good. I must admit I love it. But the down side of it is that the woman always walk away “feeling some kinda way”… because while he got to “know her”…. she doesn’t know a thing about him. Everything was a lie. So now she has to regroup and ask him questions all over again, while he breaks his neck “being himself”…. gladly. Bragging and boasting about what he has, and where he’s been, who he knows.

As she begins to know more about him, she has to ask herself “will I be able to deal with him flying in and out of town every week, or wonder how many women are still attached to him?” How does he get along with his parents and siblings? We all know Millionaires cling to their friends, the ones who are publicly known. They separate themselves a distance from FAMILY… because they always “have their hands out”. These are important questions when dating a Millionaire. If they talk side ways about their family members, and PRAISE their FRIENDS… trust me…. you’ll be on his lips too and not in a positive way.

Millionaires ALWAYS feel that it PROTECTS THEM * SMH* when they go  “undercover” to find out who are for them, and who is not. That’s fake to me, and if I’m ever tested in LOVE this way, I’ll never ever in my life talk to him again. EVER. I’m to straight a person to give him the “REAL ME” while he feed me lies on a bed of shrimp…. got me messed up. I don’t play games like that. Just stop talking to me because its a wrap. His heart is “protected”…. but mines is all over the place.

Again, I LOVE the show, but while the men search to find someone who will LOVE them for them, its the women who get played in the end. Mind games, and LIES don’t mix with LOVE.

Be Blessed

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